I had a pretty busy weekend, but not as busy as last weekend. Yesterday I did my first in-home Jamberry party. The party went really well, but I think I should draft up a script or an outline next time. I decided to “wing it” and forgot to mention some information. The party still went fine without it, but I will need some more practice before I get the in-home party thing down pat. 

After the party, Andy and I went on a double-date with some friends. We went out for a really yummy dinner and drinks. Afterwards we went to Lanes & Games to do some candlepin bowling, since Andy complains we never do candlepin. He is the only one in our group that likes it. I prefer regular 10 pin, so hopefully next time we can go back to that. Anyway, the alley is old and has the same decor as an early 1960’s roller disco. But they remodeled the bar area upstairs. It was cool to see parts of it updated! I think we will go back again. 

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FINALLY on my last post from my weekend recap. So our attempt to go to the aquarium on Sunday morning proved to be fruitful. There definitely weren’t as many people, and was able to go through each exhibit without a wait. This was great news! We also caught the seals and sea lions show, I haven’t gone to one since I was a kid. The seals and sea lions are so darn cute! They even had a baby seal that was trying to dance. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!


We also went to the sea center to touch sting rays. It was near their feeding time so they were pretty hyper and splashing around. I touched a few of them and they are definitely smooth and slimy, haha! We walked through the indoor exhibits. They had loads of things like jelly fish, more seals, sharks, turtles, eels, octopus, and other salt water fish. I like that this aquarium has a large outdoor section, since the inside is a bit small. 


We went back to the outdoor section so we could see the marsh area, the penguins, and THE WHALES! I was most excited about seeing the Beluga whales. Apparently the whales were excited to see me too, as I snapped a selfie with one. They always look like they are smiling, which is adorable! I want a pet seal and whale! After the aquarium, we went back to Mystic Pizza because why not?! This time we got a different pizza and it was awesome. As if we didn’t have enough adventure for one weekend, we also went to a flea market on the way home. It’s a pretty awesome flea market, so I’ll be going back there in a few weeks with Andy.

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Now onto Saturday of my weekend recap. Erin and I woke up early and made our way down to Connecticut to begin our casino weekend. We initially wanted to hit up the Mystic Aquarium first. The huge parking lot was nearly filled to capacity and the line outside was long. We decided to put off the aquarium until Sunday, so we could actually see things without being engulfed by hoards of rabid children, and parents with strollers. We grabbed lunch early at Mystic Pizza. Yup, the same one from the movie! The pizza was really good and they play the movie on a loop while you’re seated. But alas, the pizza did not give me a fortune, like I had hoped. I guess it’s not mystical. 


Mystic is a pretty town right on the water. So after lunch, we walked and poked around in local shops. It was a warm day so we enjoyed the sunshine along the water. After we finished wandering around, we wanted to do some shopping at the Mohegan Sun casino. I’ve never been to Mohegan, but I like their shopping selection more than Foxwoods. I guess I didn’t realize how much smaller it is than Foxwoods, but they had cool decor. 


We did some shopping and wandered around the casino that afternoon. I’m not sure if I would ever stay at Mohegan Sun. It’s a nice casino, but it is much smaller than Foxwoods. Plus Foxwoods has outlets opening nearby, so the good shopping will be there too. But overall, had a good experience. By the time we left, it was time to check into our hotel. The hotel was nice but super thin walls. Our asshole neighbors woke us up at 3:30am with yelling and constantly having someone knock on their door. So I will likely not stay there again, despite the hotel being decent. 


Once we checked in, we got ourselves ready for Foxwoods. The hotel has a shuttle service to the casino, so we didn’t have to worry about driving around. Once we got there, we got a table at the Hard Rock Cafe. We had dinner and some seriously delicious drinks. I’m still dreaming about my raspberry limeade! We did some gambling and drinking afterwards. I gambled $20 and got up to $30 at one point. By the time I cashed out, I ended up with $15 left. I guess it’s not bad to only lose $5, right?


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I LOVE THE 80’S (3D)


I look like a poodle or Boy George. I can’t really decide…

Continuing with my weekend recap, my friends and I went to an 80’s prom on Friday night. I took the day off work so I could get some things done. I headed to Erin’s that afternoon to finish getting ready. We went to the salon she uses, and they did our hair. It came out so amazing! The stylists joked they wanted us to leave from the back door so nobody knows who did our hair. HAHA! They got a kick out of the fact I brought my own crimping iron. Erin’s hair came out amazing, I couldn’t look at her without laughing (that’s a good thing). 


My dress makes me feel like I should have a fruit basket on my head and be a dancer at the Tropicana Club

We got there before the rest of my friends so we went around and took some photo ops. To my great surprise and delight, there was a giant R2D2 there. We were one of the first people to see it, so I got my picture taken with it. A guy made it mostly out of duct tape and cardboard. But it was very elaborate, it lights up and moves!  There was a girl in an R2D2 dress (I  have the same one so I geeked out on her). She even did her makeup and nails in an R2 design. Turns out, she jams herself inside R2 to make it move around. The guy that built it, also made himself a C3PO costume out of duct tape. It was seriously awesome and I’m still pissed they didn’t win any prizes. THEY WERE ROBBED!


Once Jamie, Emily, and other friends arrived, we danced like it was on sale for $19.99. There was a special guest of a Michael Jackson impersonator from Vegas. The MJ impersonator was amazing, and totally redeemed the fact C + C Music Factory was disappointing. Erin and I want to see his show when we go to Vegas in the fall. Thankfully the DJ was good and accommodated most of our music requests. For some reason, he fought my friend on her selection of Invincible by Pat Benatar. He said he it wasn’t “danceable”. That was a load of crap, lots of people danced to it. 


The prom was seriously awesome! I can’t wait to go next year. We went back before midnight, so we didn’t go to a club we were invited to by a group of people we made friends with. Erin and I had to spend the night washing massive amounts of hairspray from our skulls before our hair permanently stays crimped and curled! 

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I did so much crap this weekend, I’ll have to spend the week re-caping! So Thursday night I went to see Polaris and it was awesome! We started things off right and got some pizza from Bravo’s. I keep forgetting they have GIANT SLICES, and I ordered two. I only got through one and a half slices.


The opening band was Hallelujah the Hills. They are a local band and I liked them. So I will be downloading their songs whenever I can remember. The guitarist reminds me of Clifford Spleenhurfer from Clarissa Explains it All. A lot of people were dressed as 1990’s school bullies. Except there was one guy that looked vaguely like Young Pete (from the Adventures of Pete & Pete), except he was too short and had mesmerizing mermaid hair.


Polaris had a great set! I didn’t realize it was their first time playing in Boston. They sound exactly like they did on the show, even though they are much older.


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It’s the weekend I’ve been waiting for! I took the day off because my friends and I are going to an 80’s prom tonight. We’ve been preparing for it over the last couple of months and my friends hairstylist is doing our hair for free (score!). We found out a few weeks back that C + C Music Factory will be performing, which is awesome! But I kinda consider them 90’s over 80’s. I guess they formed in 1989, so that counts for something? I found a random Google image of my dress, since I’m too lazy to pull a picture up from my phone. It’s pretty awesome and I may wear it to my friends wedding this summer.

I can’t decide on shoes. I was going to wear my awesome green and pink skull bow heels, but I plan on doing 1% sitting and 99% dancing. So heels may not be a practical choice for the night. I will likely end up wearing rainbow snake print pointy-toe flats (try saying that 5 times fast). I don’t think they will look as cute as the heels.

As if the prom isn’t awesome enough, we’re going to Foxwoods for the weekend too! We got a hotel room a few months back and we plan to do some gambling! And by gambling, I mean lose $30 in a slot machine and spend the rest of my time eating and taking random casino selfies. We’re also going to visit the Mystic Aquarium  because we want to see the white whale, Ahab be damned! PLUS, we want to eat at Mystic Pizza. Not that I’ve ever seen the movie, but I totally could at some point. 

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I guess we’re in another year where I will end up taking 3 trips that involve airfare. It didn’t start out this way. As much as I like to travel, it’s expensive! Andy and I decided to spend a week in New Orleans this year, so we booked our trip a few months back. This week, I booked a trip to Vegas with some good friends for October. Even though I found some good package deals, I wasn’t satisfied with my findings. Instead I wasted HOURS looking at other sites and adding up if it would be cheaper to book separately. Only to end up going with the original booking I had picked. I guess I’ll just never win with Vegas flight times, the ones that don’t suck are just too expensive. 

Then my cousin in Italy was able to zero in on a date for his wedding. My mom really wants us to go, but it’s super expensive to fly to Europe. Especially since the wedding is now in the summer, instead of the fall. So my mom will have to help me out with the airfare, as I just booked my trip to Vegas. I also need to work on saving moneyz for all this upcoming travel. YIKES! I started pricing out flights and they are all expensive, no matter where I look. Ugh! But if my parents are willing to help me out, I can make it happen. I haven’t been to Italy in 15 years. Wow, I feel old. BRB, I’m gonna go cry over my olden age now!

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