I was growing sick of frying up zucchini that is from my garden. I mean, I love fried zucchini I was getting sick of all the trouble to make it myself. So when I landed myself a large but almost manageable sized zucchini, I decided to attempt zucchini bread. I found a Zucchini Bread with Chocolate Chip Streusel recipe and gave it a try. I deviated a little bit from it. I didn’t use as much sugar and opted for bread tins instead of a skillet. The recipe yielded me two tins of bread. One of which I think I’m going to give my mom later today.


The recipe was easy to prepare. But I spent a crazy amount of time doing dishes and cleaning up after.  Shredding zucchini can get messy, yo! Anyway, I left the bread in the oven a bit longer than the directions called for. My bread is probably slightly under-cooked but it’s hard to tell since zucchini is very moist. I think I will definitely try this again! It was a big success. But I wish I could hire someone to clean the kitchen after.

 I decided to read the book based off Orange is the New Black Netflix series. I like it so far, but the TV series has wayyy more drama so far. I was thinking I would end up being scared for Piper, but it’s not as bad as the show. Then again, I’ve only just started reading. But I guess more drama is to be expected in a film or TV adaptation. A lot of the names are different too.

Tonight we’re heading to a family birthday party at a rented hall. There is also a DJ, so I’ll be requesting some Electric Slide, Cotton-Eye Joe, and Thriller. That’s how I roll! Go ‘80s or go home!

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Thanks to BrandBacker, I was selected by Valentia to use and review their really great Even Glow vitamin C facial serum. What’s cool about the Even Glow serum, is it’s made with 98% natural ingredients. The serum helps even out skin tone, increase skins radiance and glow, boost collagen, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also has a nice citrus smell and it absorbs pretty quickly.

Back on to the ingredients! It contains 20% vitamin C which helps even out your skin tone and reduce redness and wrinkles. It also helps to strengthen and smooth your skin. Organic rosehip seed oil and buckthorn oil are used to help with hydration and lock in moisture. These oils are also full of antioxidants and used globally to help with skin ailments. Resistem (plant stem cells) are also used to detoxify and help skin regenerate. Don’t worry, I’ve never heard of it either, but I’m all for some Reistem in my life! Lastly, hyaluroinc acid and green tea extract are also used. Not only does the hyluronic acid help moisturize, but it activates collagen production. So you can be left with firmer and younger-looking skin. The green tea helps reduce skin puffiness and irritation.

I’ve been using the serum for about a week now and love the results! Since I’m going to be 30 soon, I figured I had better start using an anti-aging regimen. This serum seems to work quite fine in my skin-care routine. The serum is an orange color and it has a nice scent. This is great since most serums I’ve used tend to have a faint smell. You can use it either in the morning or evening. But it’s fine to use it both times. I’ve been opting to use it twice a day. I have some post-acne marks I’d like to get rid of. So I’m hoping this serum will really help me. I don’t notice any residue once it’s on, which is nice. Just make sure you rub it in well and wait a few minutes before adding on your moisturizer. Though I’m finding I don’t really need moisturizer after. Then again, my skin is oily. So I’m not sure how those will dry-skin would fair. As an added bonus, when you order the serum through the Amazon link below, you get 20 age defying beauty recipes emailed in pdf format.

Vitamin C Serum for face


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I got my August Ispy bag last night. My items came in a cute polka-dot vinyl bag. I haven’t tried anything aside from the lip balm yet, but I’m excited about the Urban Decay mascara. Anyway, this month I received Dr. Brandt Pores No More Primer, Perversion by Urban Decay mascara, J Cat Flying Solo eyeshadow,  Mongongo Lip Conditioner, and Klorane Dry Shampoo. The lip balm is really nice and it smells delicious. I’ll try not to eat it. ;) I also think the eyeshadow is a pretty color. I’ll be sure to post back when I’ve tried some of these.


**DISCLAIMER:  I purchased the Ipsy subscription on my own. All opinions are my own.

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I’ve been wanting an R2D2 bathing suit for a few years now. But the only website that had them (at the time) wanted to charge $100. Yeah, NO THANKS! As much as a I love me some R2, I couldn’t justify $100 for a screen print one-piece bathing suit. After that, I never bothered to check again until a week ago. I was filming a #VEDA video about obsessions when I got to thinking about that bathing suit. I did a quick Google search and it yielded some super-cheap results. I guess waiting a few years paid off, because now other companies have knocked off this bathing suit.


I ordered it from this China-based online shop. I have no idea how reliable it is, but I used PayPal and my order came to less than $12. So I figured it was worth the risk if I end up having to open a PayPal claim from a potentially sketchy website. I should have searched more though, they have lots of them on eBay for about the same price. Oh well! I just hope my Chinese bathing suit arrives before I go on vacation. Otherwise I’ll throw on some tights and be Droid Lady GaGa for Halloween. 

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It’s kinda depressing that there aren’t many summer weekends left! While I enjoy fall, it inevitably leads to winter. I hate winter, thinking about it makes me sad. But, enough about that! This post is about cramming as much summer things as possible in the short time there is left. That’s what we did this weekend! I also did a lot of walking and finally decided to utilize the pedometer built into my phone. I guess the peer-pressure of watching Andy track his stats on his Vivo watch got me into it. I did over 10,000 steps on Friday and Saturday. So I figured it was okay to have some Bon Chon for dinner on Friday. It’s hard to track steps on my phone when it’s not on me all the time, so I’m getting a Samsung Gear watch for my birthday in a few weeks. I’m not into that social fitness tracking crap, so that is why I’m opting out of the FitBit or UP band. Plus, the smart watch allows me to check emails, texts, and answer calls. I guess since I’m getting the watch,  I will have to save the voice-activated R2D2 for next year. Sorry, R2!

I met up with Ray on Saturday to shoot some #VEDA videos. It’s always nice to meet local VEDA peeps. I shot my video using the We Blog We Vlog topic, you can watch it here. Anyway, Andy and I went to dinner and drinks with friends at the Copper House Tavern later. The food is really good there and it wasn’t terribly crowded. I decided to get something healthy-ish, so a Ceasar salad for me! I was also happy to find out that Shipyard Pumpkinhead is available in August. I think it’s too early for pumpkin, but I guess everyone is following Starbucks with releasing pumpkin things early. I’m not complaining, it’s my favorite beer so I’ll enjoy it in the late summer. 


Today, Jamie and I had our fake-Vegas pool party we had planned after her return from Hong Kong. Turns out they changed the times at the Hotel Indigo pool, and we got there too early. Thankfully, the bouncer ended up letting us in 20 minutes early. We were able to get pool seats right away. We also wasted no time ordering food and drinks. I got a Long-Island Iced Tea type of a drink, and a yummy burger. I didn’t end up liking my drink that much, but their mojitos are really good. Next time I’ll be getting a mojito!


It was a little cloudy today, but still warm. They put noodles and donuts in the pool for patrons, so you can float around to your hearts content. I also liked the waitstaff by the pool, so we did’t have to go inside to order food and drinks. Everything is  a little expensive, but I expected it from a hotel pool. We were able to spend a relaxing day. Jamie even fell asleep! I spent some time in the water and laying around with my (over-priced) People magazine. There were also loads of little birds eyeing our food and a bee with a foot fetish. It that kept trying to pollinate my green painted toes. Yucko! I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow, but I have a surprise birthday party to go to this week. It should be fun!

Fotor0817165949 Fotor0817170134

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The countdown to 30 has (unfortunately) begun, I have less than a month left in my 20’s. I decided a while back that I wanted to do an ’80s theme party and I just started gathering my supplies. I’m going to wear leggings I already own (hell, there is a crap load to choose from in my house), and pair it with a rainbow light up tutu. Originally, I wanted to book a bus through the Bustonian, but they never got back to me with a quote. Great customer service, guys!

But I think a party bus would be more hassle than it’s worth anyway. First of all, I’d have to make sure enough people go to help cover the cost of the bus, and everyone would have to arrive on time to catch it. I think that’s expecting too much from a large group of people. So instead, I’ll be asking people to bring juke box money and meet me at The Avenue. From there, we will take over the juke box and play strictly ’80s Joel. Just kidding, anything ’80s all night long. Sorry other patrons, you’ll just have to Relax with some Frankie Goes to Hollywood. I haven’t decided if I’m wearing a piano key necktie or just getting a piano key necktie shirt. I guess it depends which looks best with the tutu. So I bought both!



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DeluxeKrabbyPattyI think not getting enough sleep on Monday and Tuesday night took a toll on me this week. I was really crabby for most of the week. I was also really upset about hearing the death of Robin Williams. I normally don’t get worked up over celebrity deaths, but this one really held me. We skipped trivia last night and went to bed early. Andy’s new office futon came in last night. It’s really nice and comfortable! Also, a generous friend has gifted us 25 seasons of the Simpsons. So we can sit on the futon and watch some seasons on his computer. Now we don’t have to wait until the FXX Simpsons marathon next week. YES!!! You have no idea how much I have missed watching old Simpsons, I can’t even. 

Anyway, I’m glad the week is almost over. Friday can’t get here soon enough!




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