At last, we’ve made it to the end of my never-ending vacation recap! One night we went out for a fancy dinner for Andy’s birthday. I wore a new dress and I’m glad I got it on time for the trip. I tried all kinds of “exotic” cuisine while on this trip. I had things like crawfish, catfish, red fish, blue fish (kidding), fried oysters, and a crazy sandwich called The Muffuletta. 


All the food was so damn good, I had to be rolled home from the airport Verruca Salt style. Anyway, one day we went to the wax museum. It was pretty cool and CHEAP! They have odd hours though. We kinda had to rush through the end of it, because (of course) ANOTHER F’ING ZOMBIE HOARDE OF SCHOOL CHILDREN CAME IN! What the actual fuck?! These kids seriously need to go to school so tourists can enjoy their vacation. It’s basically bad for tourism and tax revenue, to have these kids go on constant field trips. KEEP THAT IN MIND NEW ORLEANS LOCAL GOVERNMENT! 

Anyway, we also went to tour a brewery, and I was shocked not to encounter another hoarde of school children. ha! I’ve always liked Abita beer and was psyched we were able to catch a tour. I guess they only do them once a day, and only on certain days. The funny thing, they allow you to pour your own beer. The puritan state of Massachusetts would never allow such blasphemy. So it was a nice treat to get our own beers. I went up for seconds and thirds…


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For the sake of brevity, I’m combining a couple of days together so I can just do ONE MORE post after this and be done recapping (I know, I get carried away!). I swear, I’m trying to keep things short. Anyway, one day we went to The National WWII Museum. It’s huge and seems like something that should really be in the Smithsonian, but I digress. It took us about three hours to get through the museum, and we didn’t do any of the add-on’s like IMAX or watch some of the movies. So if you go, plan to spend the day. You should also expect to encounter more hordes of zombie school children (unless you go in the summer, but you’ll probably melt to death). Apparently kids in the area don’t go to school ever. They just dress in school uniforms and go on field trips all the time. I wish I was able to go on field trips EVERY DAY when I was in school (end rant). One of the coolest things about the museum is they give you a dog tag card and you swipe it at kiosks around the museum to follow a soldiers journey in WWII.  They also have areas dedicated to each country for the war.


After the WWII museum, we found a cool place for lunch. I got Cajun meatball soup, it was yummy! We encountered a random afternoon rain storm, but it only rained when we were eating lunch. By the time we walked to the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, it subsided. I did get my flippy floppys wet though. BOO! It should come as no surprise that there were also school kids at the Butterfly Garden. But thankfully they were on their way home as we were entering. HALLELUJAH! We encountered lots of creepy crawlers in the museum, a lot of them grossed me out like the tarantulas and millipedes. 

Moving on to the next days activities, we grabbed more beignets for breakfast (duh) and walked around Jackson Square. After walking around, we grabbed lunch and went to the outlet mall. Once we got out of the mall, it was time to board the Creole Queen! 


We opted for the battlefield tour instead of a jazz cruise, Andy doesn’t like jazz and it was his birthday. The cruise was really cool, I’ve always wanted to go on a river boat. I was sure to make videos of the turbine. The battlefield itself was pretty cool. We walked around and learned about the battles. Andy is a big history buff, so he enjoyed this very much! Okay, that’s it for now. I definitely left out some cool dinners and nightlife stuff, but I’m running out of steam here.


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Are you sick of me yet? I know I’m sick of me! Sorry, I just spent so much time taking pictures that I feel the need to collage some of them and blog about it to make it worth my while. Please enjoy my photo-validation (slash insanity-validation)! Anyway, the next day (I think we’re at Tuesday at this point…probably) we went to the Audubon Zoo.  The zoo really isn’t close to the hotel, so we had to take a cab. The cab took us through the Garden District though, which is super gorgeous! I love that the zoo puts the flamingos right up front, it’s like they knew I was coming.


The zoo has loads of different animals. From giraffes, gorillas, rhinos, zebras, loads of birds, monkeys, Komodo Dragons, big cats, angry peacocks, school children zombie hoardes, and reptiles.There were also some anteaters. I have trouble telling anteater butts from their fronts. haha!


Again, we were accosted by loads of school field trips. We did our best to avoid them, which was pretty easy since the zoo is huge. This is actually my favorite zoo. Congrats zoo! We had trouble finding a cab to get home. But New Orleans uses Uber, so we made friends with a really cool Uber driver who took us back to our hotel. I left him a good review and tip! After the zoo, we probably went swimming again and chilled out before dinner. Who knows?!


For dinner, we tried this place called Eat New Orleans. It got really good reviews so I figured we’d give it a try. I’m really glad we did! It’s a quaint little place a bit off Bourbon. The macaroni and cheese comes in a spaghetti form, which I thought was a nice touch. I ordered the beef and shrimp stuffed bell peppers. It was excellent! I wish I could eat there again. After dinner, we went on a GHOST TOUR!


Our tour guide was awesome! He was very lively and knowledgeable. He took us around to haunted hotels and churches. My favorite part was when we went to Madam Delphine LaLaurie’s house. Man, I don’t think American Horror Story really showed just how horrible she was! Andy took a picture outside her house and got an orb. I didn’t get anything. After the tour, our guide told us where Brad and Angelina’s house is (they are selling it though). Of course I went to take pictures in front of it! We also met this cool couple from Texas on the tour. We went out for drinks with them on Frenchmen Street. I highly recommend Frenchmen Street, it has cool music and more laid-back vibe than Bourbon Street. 



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It just wouldn’t be a vacation if I didn’t take a couple of sea creature selfies!

and on the second day, we ventured to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and Cafe Du Monde! We were lucky and the weather was nice all week. There were a couple of rain showers, but none interfered with our plans. Anyway, I never had beignets before, so Cafe du Monde was a real treat! Unfortunately, their service was horrible. This lead us to try another cafe with beignets, that we liked even more. It actually looked like a rip-off of Cafe Du Monde, with the font and green stripe canopy. But alas, they had good service and piping hot beignets, so I can’t complain.


Anyway, after breakfast we made our way to the aquarium. It was a lot of fun! The place was really big, and they have those cool tunnel tanks I like. It was just annoying to deal with school field trips all week!


For the most part, we managed to avoid the school field trip crowd. But we did get caught in a zombie child hoarde once at the AQ. I just picked a random assortment of pictures to collage. When you take over one thousand pictures, editing is nearly impossible. So please enjoy this randomness!


I was super excited this aquarium has an abundance of sharks! I definitely took an excessive amount of shark pix, but I can’t help it. They are my favorite!


I addition to fish, the AQ also has some white alligators. They were really big! They also had an anaconda, but I couldn’t get a good picture of it. It was wayyyy too big!


After the aquarium, we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Company for lunch. I got a root beer float in a light up glass. They also did a Forrest Gump trivia game against other tables. I have no idea who won, they weren’t keeping score. But we did pretty good!


I think we went swimming after we got back to the hotel. It was really hot and humid out, we needed to cool down! I also took a nap and showered. Once we emerged, we went to Bourbon Street for Huge Ass Beers and Hurricanes! Gotta tell you, I’m not a big fan of Hurricanes, but I did find some other Bourbon Street drinks I liked!


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I just got back from spending a week in New Orleans. It was such a fun trip! I’ll dedicate a few posts with highlight pictures over the next few days. I took over ONE THOUSAND PICTURES!! Yes, I have no idea how that happened. But we did a lot of things each day, so it does add up. Anyway, we didn’t get any flight delays, so we got to our hotel in the early afternoon.  Once we dropped our stuff in the room, we started drankin’. We began at Ole Saint, where our awesome barkeep gave us a crap load of local brew samples to try. 


Once I was full of beer, we made our way to Bourbon Street. Thankfully our hotel was a quick walk from there. As a guy at the airport told us, Bourbon Street is like Vegas on crack. He wasn’t far off with that comparison. But beware the smells! Some parts have a stank, but the city cleans the streets every morning. We started off at a place called Spirits, mostly because it was on Bar Rescue. I got the signature drink called the Resurrection and it came with a light up souvenir glass. The place also has a barber chair. I didn’t sit on it because it might be cursed and I’m afraid of bad hair cuts.

Anyway, I’ve come to notice that New Orleans is big on souvenir cups. I ended up with 6, but only took 3 home. Priorities, yo! That’s it for this post, I’m too lazy to make collages, so be prepared to be inundated with photos for the rest of my recap posts. 


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This time I got a bunch of lipsticks. What can I say, I love Kat Von D lipstick selection. I got Coven (lavender), Adora (metallic red), and Wonderchilde (violet). I heard awesome things about Benefit Puff Off, supposed to work wonders on puffy eyes. I’ve only used it a couple of times, and it seems to work. But (thankfully) my eyes haven’t been too puffy lately since I’ve been taking massive amounts of allergy meds. So I don’t know how well it works on allergy eyes yet. I’m sad to say that Too Faced has discontinued my favorite eyeshadow primer, First Base. So I had to settle for something that comes in a tube instead of a compact container. I’m not too thrilled about this, as I generally don’t like liquidy eyeshadow primers, but I’m giving Shadow Insurance a try. 

Hopefully the Shadow Insurance lasts me as long as my old container did (which was years). I know it’s not a good idea to hang onto old make up, but I just  loved this primer too much to toss it. Especially when it costs like $20! I like most of the lipsticks I got, but Andy hates the lavender color. He says it makes me look like it’s still 1997, or a corpse. So I just won’t wear it around him, I can look like a 1997 corpse if I want! =P


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Over the past month or so, I’ve become obsessed with Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning. It’s a very versatile seasoning, you can use it meats, fish, fried foods, and even salads! Maybe it’s because I’m preparing myself for my upcoming trip to NOLA (leaving this weekend, eeek!), but I’ve been using it A LOT. It began innocently enough. Andy forgot he had this seasoning his parents gave him the last time they went to New Orleans. He put it on some chicken and I really liked it. 

So I went another step ahead and started to add it to our homemade pasta sauce and it was so good! To be fair, I think I added a bit too much though. So I have learned my lesson to season sparingly! I’ve also been adding a pinch to soup and pasta. I’ve resisted temptation to add it to my cereal, but who knows! ;) Oh man, I’m ready for some authentic Creole cusine in New Orleans!

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