I was lucky enough to work from home yesterday so I didn’t have to deal with Labor Day/early moving day for college kids. I’m sad summer is almost over and all the college jerks are coming back. But I have a great Labor Day weekend/week planned and I can’t wait! Andy and I had to return the cats to his parents. They (unfortunately) didn’t catch any mice. But while we were trying to wrangle them into cat carriers, Reese’s scratched up my wrist. It makes me look suicidal, so I put some Neosporin on it and added a Cynthia Rowley band aid for good measure. 



Anyway, I was excited that my Sephora order came in! I got the new Chroma Color Eye Palette and Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick in Vampira. I guess you have to be a VIB member to get early access to the Chroma palette, so you can check out the product details page for now. I love the palette so far, so many shadows and eyeliners to pick!


I like the lipstick, but I find that I need to exfoliate my lips and use lip balm before applying it. Otherwise the color comes out really uneven. It’s a bit darker than the picture shows. So it’s more of a fall/winter type of color but I like it!



My cat shoes came in and I’m so excited! I bought a gray glitter pair about a year ago and decided to add a black pair to boot! MEOW!


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We got another Blue Apron shipment last week. This round our recipes were Pan-Seared Cod, Pan-Seared Chicken, and Spice-Rubbed Pork.  We made the pork first. I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit of a pain to prep! We had A LOT of chopping to do , since the recipe has you make your own peach salsa. Thankfully all the chopperatin’ and such was worth it, it was my favorite dish from the shipment. I also loved the sides and salsa, so A+ on this recipe.


Next up, we made the cod with roast potatoes and squash. This dish was much easier and didn’t involve a lot of prep. Praise Jebus! It came out really well and I had a lot of left over squash because Andy doesn’t like squash. Last night, we made the chicken with roasted eggplant and fennel salad. This dish was okay. The chicken was really good but I didn’t like the sides as much. We skipped part of the recipe where you scoop out the insides of half of the eggplant, chop it up, and add it the chicken. By the time the eggplant was done roasting we were done cooking the chicken. I didn’t feel like waiting for it to cool and scoop it, so we ate it as-is. This recipe was fun because we got to make our own glaze. Yum!

Cod Chicken

Cod and Chicken dishes!

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the league

The person that is running the fantasy football league I’m on, messed up the draft. Apparently there was an auto-draft last night, and the fantasy football gods smiled upon me! According to Andy, I have a great team. It seems I will not have to trade anyone away. I’m secretly glad it was an auto-draft, if I ended up with a shitty team it won’t  be my fault. Plus, I may not be available when the live draft happened anyway. I also get extra points on whatever the Seahawks do defensively each game, and they won the Super Bowl last year. So yeah, I’m pretty excited about my team. I’m just a little bummed I have absolutely no Patriots players though. But hey, I have RGIII!!

Now I just have to learn what the hell I’m doing and maybe it will be a successful season for me. 



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I’m currently typing this while battling a nasty allergy headache. Fun times up in here! Anyway, I decided late Monday night to re-organize my closets and find a better spot for my boot collection. This process involved leaving several pairs of shoes out in the living room. The cats thought it was a fun game to stick their heads in my shoes. What sparked my random organization crisis, is that my mom might be stopping by next week to help set additional mouse traps. I couldn’t have her see disorganized closets! After vacuuming up the closets, I decided I needed another shoe rack. Of course I pick the worst time of the year to decide to need more storage solutions. All the annoying college kids are coming back from Ohio and need hang out in Target 24/7.

So I figured I would out-smart the crowd by ordering a utility shelf online and picking it up at the guest counter. I also threw some maxi pads and Clearasil face wipes onto the order. I didn’t feel like running through the store to get those myself. Unfortunately, there was a line at the counter by the time I got there after work. I was stuck next to Wheezin’ Ed who turned out to be a lady once I looked over. She also got a phone call while in line and had a surprisingly normal voice. I’m not sure why this surprised me, I guess it was because she has a very manly wheeze?

Anyway, once I got home I scared the cats because I made too much noise while trying to get the metal shelves out of the box. I set up my new utility rack and sweat up a storm doing it too! I shoved it in the back of a closet and it fits all my boots. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, IT WAS!  But it’s going to be a pain to get them out because I have crawl into the closet to retrieve them. Oh well, I guess that’s the hazard I must endure when owning an extremely unnecessary quantity of footwear.

By the time I finished, I was too tired to take a picture or head to the blogger meet up. I would have been really late anyhow. Plus I got a Manicube pedicure at work and swiftly decided I needed a few new pairs of sandals. To my defense, there is a really big sale happening. So paying $30+ in cab fare to get home from the meetup just didn’t seem like a fiscally good idea. This wouldn’t have been an issue if the express bus would run later into the evening. Boo! I guess I will have to reunite with my friends I met at the Highball Lounge gathering at the fall soiree. 


1) Fresh pedicure! 2) Restaurant beer menu 3) Yummy avocado &bacon burger! 4) A nice window view

We opted to change our trivia day to that evening, since I wasn’t making it to the blogger event. We went to the Green Briar which has decent food. Ginny and some other friends tagged along and we ended up having a huge team. This was a little counter-productive because everyone had different answers, and not everyone’s answer was heard. So we didn’t win anything. I didn’t really contribute anything extra because I knew the answers that my other teammates knew anyway. Oh well, better luck next time!


1) I feel like a sassy peacock in my new top 2) My drank in the candlelight 3) Our team card

I did pick the team name though, which was Awesom-O 5000. But our drunk trivia host kept calling us Awesome Sauce, until we corrected him. Despite not winning, I still had fun and am glad I got to wear my new top that I was saving for the blogger meet up. I love it because it’s so colorful, but a pain to get into. Andy had to zip that back for me. Now it’s back to work, but I’m tempted to get another pair of sandals though. Send help!


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Going from living with a dog to life with cats is a weird adjustment for me. Our dog is staying with my parents while we have the borrowed kittens. I visited him and it was odd to have to leave him there and head home. When I arrived though, he immediately started whining for attention. But my parents dog (Daisy) also demands my attention. So I had to use each hand and pet them both at the same time. Apparently he is having a blast at “Daisy’s Boot Camp”, where they both run around all day and promptly drop like flies by the evening from exhaustion. I don’t think he is going to want to come home! To that I say tough crap, he will come home because I miss his face!

I find myself sad that he isn’t there “singing” for me. Andy thinks I’m being ridiculous. Maybe I am, but I miss my stupid dog! Cats are just strange and funny. I’ve won over Reese’s but Peanut Butter continues to stalk and retreat if I attempt to pet her. I don’t get cats at all! But they are a little easier than dogs. First of all, these little ladies don’t shed as much as my husky mix and I don’t have to send them outside to “do their business”. They are also quieter! I know not all cats are quiet, but these little ladies are. 


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I finally made good with my idea of borrowing cats to try to get rid of the mouse living in my apartment. We were able to get these cats from Andy’s parents and they are the cutest! We dubbed them the “perpetual kittens”, since they are about 3-4 years old and still look like babies. I have no idea why these ladies are so tiny, but they are great at catching mice. No signs of dead mice yet, but they’ve only just settled themselves into my apartment.


Peanut Butter


Reese’s Pieces


These kittens used to be Andy’s, until he moved in with a friend for a few months that has Grey Hounds. He left them with his parents with the intention of getting them back once our apartment was ready. This didn’t happen. His parents grew to really love these little ladies and didn’t want to give them up! We obliged and eventually got Zorro dog to fill the pet void.

I remember when he first got them and he didn’t know what to name them. So I took over the naming process and the calico is Reese’s Pieces (or just Reese’s) and orange kitty is Peanut Butter Cup (or Peanut Butter). Can you tell I was hungry when I named them? Actually, I went after Andy’s favorite kinds of candy. He couldn’t say no to that! Plus the coat on Reese’s does resemble melted Reese’s Pieces and Peanut Butter’s color is that of her namesake. So it all makes sense, see?!

Peanut Butter is weird and will rarely let me pet her. But she acts like she wants attention and then will scamper off. I also catch her following me around the house and hanging out in my room. She seems to like my room but not me! Reese’s likes to hide, but when she isn’t hiding you can sometimes pet her. My money is on Reese’s to catch the mouse. She seems to have zeroed in on the couch where it’s probably hiding. She stood guard under it one whole night and most of the day. Her sister only stood on couch watch one night, slacker! 



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I have a very ambiguous, unwritten, and constantly evolving bucket lists. I’m not really that into life lists in general, which is shocking. But that is because I change my mind a lot and when I get an idea about something I try to do it right away. If I wait too long, I just don’t feel like doing it anymore or I’ll forget. I actually forgot about wanting to go to a gun range until Andy reminded me. Our friend invited us out to a gun range he is a member of. We got to try several different types 22 caliber hand guns and a couple of rifles. I was a bit nervous since I’ve never shot a gun before. He told me all the safety rules and showed me how to load my revolver and how to flip the safety. 


We got to pick our own paper targets and I went with green man. Our friend also made his own metal targets, but you can only use lead-tip ammunition with the metal targets because the copper kind will ricochet. I started off with a classic Smith & Wesson revolver that looked like a BB gun, a Ruger 22SR, and Ruger MK3. Don’t quote me on those Ruger names, I may be looking at the wrong models. I liked the old revolver, but it was very hard to hit the target with it. Once I started using the two Ruger’s, I hit my green man! I got pretty close to his heart, but most of my shots went to the gut and groin. 



My aim got even better when I used the rifles. Especially the rifle that had a scope. The scope feels like cheating, but I was able to nail the targets with it. One valuable lesson I learned, stay to the left of the person shooting, otherwise you risk being nailed with hot shells! When I was on  my Annie Oakley rifle streak,  a hot casing nailed one of my friends in the arm. Yikes! :( We had a great time and can’t wait to go again! We will get to try more rifles next time, which I can’t handle for an extended period due to the weight. My spaghetti arms can’t handle rifles for several straight rounds. We stayed until we ran out of ammo then we went to Andy’s parents to borrow their cats. I’ll post about the borrowed kitties later! 

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