Who has worse brows 1998 Jordana Brewster or Carla DeAvrilLavigne?! TRICK QUESTION! Answer is BOTH!

I don’t really know who Carla DeAvrilLavigne is, nor do I really care (as pictured above). I can’t even be bothered to find the correct spelling of her name. So forever on my blog she shall remain as Carla DeAvrilLavinge! Sorry, I’m old and uninterested in these new young/hip famous peoples. According to the interwebz, she seems to be some sort of model/actress or actress/model?

ANYWAY, her name isn’t really something I was shooting to discuss here. I get 1980’s caterpillar eyebrows are back again *shudder*. But don’t count on me to buy a toupee and glue it to my forehead anytime soon. I grew up with the affliction of having furry-ass eyebrows, when it was only cool to have pin-thin Gwen Stefani brows with bindi accessory. I’m sure there are people out there that “would kill” to have Carla DeAvrilLavinge brows.

I had nightmares I’d end up with 1998 Jordana Brewster eyebrows.So when my mother FINALLY lamented and let me get them waxed/tweezed, I TOOK CARE OF THAT SHIT! The mere thought of 1998 Jordana Brewster brows makes me break into a cold sweat. I have no idea if Jordana Brewster is still “famous” or not. Oh wait, a quick search yields she was in all 75 Fast & Furious movies (I’ve only seen the first two and that was over 10 years ago). It looks like she FINALLY got in touch with a good waxer and has less-scary eyebrows. YOU GO JORDANA, COCO!

But now my adolescent nightmares are returning! This Carla DeAvrilLavigne has the scariest eyebrows I’ve ever seen on a celebrity. I can’t even, dear diary! I JUST CAN’T! I hope Jordana Brewster can share her waxer with Carla, before it’s took late and they take over 90% of her face.

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I’ve accidentally fallen ass backwards into a Gary Cole kick. It all started innocently enough. I saw Office Space was on and, you’re not gonna not watch Office Space, right?! Then after Office Space, I started to watch Pineapple Express. While I was working out yesterday, I put on the movie Tammy. I have only watched it once before, which was a while back so I forgot who was in it. Turns  out, Mr. Gary Cole has the hots for Tammy’s gamgam in the movie!!


Oh yeah, I also watched The Brady Bunch Movie a couple months ago. Does that count?!

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Wegmans is a supermarket chain originating in the area of Rochester, NY. I’ve been to the original Wegmans while heading to a friends wedding a few years back. So I was very excited about the news when I heard they were opening locations in Massachusetts a couple years ago. The first one opened too far away for me to justify grocery shopping there. By the time I’d get my groceries home, my frozen items would be thawed. Plus when it first opened, it was absolute MADNESS! It’s like everyone was so excited for over-priced groceries, they willingly sat in traffic just to enter the damn parking lot. My brother lives near this location, and was one of those people that went opening weekend. He dragged my mom along as well. From what I hear, this location in Northborough is quite large and has the “food court” area the one in Rochester yields.

Finally, they decided to open a location near Boston. I avoided it at first, but Andy and I decided to check it out over the weekend. We didn’t need many groceries, especially since I’m the primary fruit eater and I’m leaving for Italy this week. (I assume Andy will live off of junk food while I’m globe-trotting.) So we thought it would be nice to grab a few over-priced things from Wegmans.

It’s a nice store, they have more of a specialty selection than a regular grocery store. But I honestly found it really hard to navigate. First of all, it was packed and people clearly have no clue how to operate a shopping cart OR park their cars! So I had to dodge people all around. I also found the layout really strange. It took me a good fifteen minutes to find hummus. The “food court” area is really small compared to the mother-ship. We also paid an astronomical amount of money for our sandwiches. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, I knew going into it the store wasn’t going to be cheap.

I’m willing to give the one in Northborough a try. My co-worker said it’s much larger than the one near me. It sounds like it’s closer to the original Wegmans. But I would only go if I happen to be in that area, and I’m looking for a quick bite to eat. Otherwise, I doubt I’ll make it out there.

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If you read my post about my frivolous attempts at quitting a certain DS company, it finally happened! After my last post, I ended up sending them 3 more support tickets. FINALLY some kindly woman named Diane helped me out. This was after I was sending numerous furious messages asking for someone to be a pro, and respond to peoples queries instead of ignoring them. 

I mean, I get maybe the support ticket option may not have been the correct avenue. I did not know any other way to get it done, since my team leader and friggin’ district manager couldn’t return a message.  But the online support team should have told me the correct contact method, instead of IGNORING ME! I’m just glad that is all over with and I didn’t have to wait to miss more ordering cycles for my account to automatically inactivate itself. Now I can have my life and wallet back, instead of bleeding out by being my own best customer. Ha!

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Derek Zoolander Center for Adults Who Wanna Read eBay Auctions Good, and Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too!

I did something I’d never thought I’d do in the 10 plus years I’ve had a nose ring. I bought a hoop! I was in dire need of some new nose rings. I ended up buying 3 nose studs in cool colors. But I decided to give an actual nose ring a try.


I’ve never been a fan of nose hoops. Not even watching the music video for Collective Soul “Shine”, could convince me otherwise.

But I finally caved. So I found one I liked on eBay. I usually try to go with US sellers since shipping takes less time. I clicked through a bunch of auctions and fell into the eBay rabbit hole, thus my “US only” filter was long gone. So while browsing a listing for a nose ring I thought was coming from Illinois, I decided to buy!

It wasn’t until days later when I got the shipping message I noticed it was shipping from Israel NOT Illinois. Ugh!! Looks like Zoolander needs to open a “Derek Zoolander Center for Adults Who Wanna Read eBay Auctions Good, and Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.”

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Yesterday Andy had the cable company come over and upgrade our TiVO box, remove a cable box, and upgrade another to TiVO mini. Amidst all this, he had them take their wireless point away because he wanted to use the one he had. Unfortunately, he thought the wireless he owns already had {insert technological term here} capabilities. He spent HOURS trying to get the modem to work, but it wouldn’t. Finally he researched it more to find it didn’t have {insert technological term here} capabilities. It was a feature the company was adding on later but never actually did.

Instead he drove all the way to his parents house last night to grab his old wireless access point he hasn’t used in YEARS. Unfortunately, this wireless access point has unceremoniously crapped the bed. So now we’re 24 hours without wireless internet. It’s annoying to say the least, but at least I can still get online with my computer. I just have to plug into the modem directly. WELCOME TO 2003! 

Andy is going to stop by the store on his way home from work and get the things he needs so we can have wireless. Until then, I guess this will be like practice time for when I leave for Italy next week. 


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2015-07-20 09.39.32

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with the TV show Antiques Roadshow. Aside from that fact I used to watch it when I was in high school and college. While we’re on the topic of public broadcasting TV shows, I also watched This Old House as a kid. I was a very strange child/teenager/young adult. Even more so when you consider we’ve pretty much always had cable TV growing up. 

I’m getting off topic here. Andy and I got up early on Saturday to drive to the boondocks to check out this giant flea market. We ended up parking at a church that allowed people to use their bathroom. This is key because the flea market only has porta-potties and I’d rather get a UTI than use one. Anyway, this flea market was HUGE! It was a lot of fun to explore it. I ended up doing over 3 miles of walking, according to my FitBit.

2015-07-20 09.40.37

I took a million pictures, but I’m only going to post a few collages here. I didn’t end up buying anything, but it gave me ideas on how I want to decorate my future home. Which will probably involve a lot of crafting on my part. Next time I go back, I’m going to get some plants. One of my favorite booths was selling exotic plants in interesting containers, like skull heads and intricate glass structures. We grabbed their card, I’m going to check their site as well.

2015-07-20 09.43.37

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