Andy and I had the day off yesterday so we went out for pancakes. I then proceeded to spend the afternoon watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, if you haven’t watched it yet, please do so! I hope they come out with a new season soon because I already finished the first one. Oops! I seriously have no self control with Netflix! Anyway, we had a good BBQ dinner from Soul Fire and headed to Assembly Row in Somerville to meet some friends for drinks. The area was recently built up and is an outdoor shopping area with restaurants. It’s pretty nice, but not exactly convenient to get there.


Apparently there is a giant Lego giraffe in front of the Lego Discovery area and (of course) I had to take pictures. I mean, you’re not gonna not take a giraffe selfie, right?! Anyway, we started off with drinks at Earl’s. They have a nice atmosphere and the food looks good, so we’ll probably go back again. They also have free wifi, since that area has spotty cell service. I appreciated that! I’m guessing it’s a Canadian chain, since their site has the .ca extension.


After Earl’s we went to Tony C’s for more drinks, because why not? They have loads of TV screens which were playing March Madness crap that I can’t wait to be over.  Thankfully we were still able to get some spots at the bar! My only complaint about the area is that all the bars close at 1, and they are sure to boot you out by 1 too. But it’s not a big deal this time since we went out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week! Plus we got some things going on tonight as well. Yikes!


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I got my fourth Stitch Fix package the other day. It’s a monthly styling service that sends five pieces of clothing/accessories each month based on your style profile. It costs $20/month plus the cost of the items you want to keep. But if you keep any items, you get the styling fee back as credit towards your clothes. Also, if you decide to keep all five pieces, you get 25% off your order. Sound good? Sign up using my referral link. You can make things even easier for your stylist by creating a Pinterest board with your fashion tastes.


I left my stylist a note that I was going to a shower in April, and they happily obliged by sending me some dress options! This month I got Yuma Amari Printed Dress, C. Luce Moss V- Neck Pleated Dress, Pixley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top, 41Hawthorn Dorinda Faux Leather Detail Sweater Jacket, and a Bay to Baubles Violet Arrow Cut Out Bangle. While I liked the items overall, I opted not to keep em all. I am keeping the green C. Luce dress because it’s really pretty and I’m going to my friends bridal shower next month. The Yumi dress was too pricey for me, so it went back. The Pixley top was also too pricey, but I was so tempted to keep it anyway! Hence why I quickly packed the return envelope and sealed it before I could change my mind. Seriously, I have to trick myself, it’s the only way to resist temptation. The 41Hawthorn jacket was nice, but probably not something I would end up wearing. I also didn’t like the bracelet enough to keep it either. That’s it for this month, I can’t wait to see what I get next time!

I‘m just glad I kept at least one piece, so I could use my styling fee towards something! I can’t wait to wear the dress to my friends bridal shower!

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Steve Carell’s chin is pretty distintive

I guess we’re really taking to our new trivia spot, as went for dinner last night and will be going again tonight (for Thursday trivia). This time I deviated from the mac and cheese and got a soup/salad combo. It was really good! I got Italian Wedding soup and a Ceasar salad. My Italian-ness is really showing!


We went to dinner to watch the Celtics game, and there was a singer/guitar player combo playing music in a corner. I didn’t mind them, they were pretty good. Anyway, I guess we must have become pretty disenchanted with the basketball game, because we made up our own drinking game. It’s called “Guess the Famous Chin”! We each pull up a celebrity picture and block most of the face except for the mouth and chin. I actually did pretty good with it! Except Andy tricked us by pulling an old picture of a celebrity and they look totally different now! I think there should be a stipulation about using more recent photos. I guess we’ll save that for next time. 

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The kitchen at work is the place where people can “unload” unwanted items for us scavengers to go through. While I was washing out my cream of wheat bowl, I noticed someone just left a perfectly good bonsai tree on the counter. I took it (of course) because bonsai trees are cute and also, THE KARATE KID! So I took my new found tree friend to my desk. Thinking about all the wonderful mini-tree adventures we could go on. I would get Bonzo a Lego person friend to climb his branches and read Lego books!

Then I suddenly remembered I have a black thumb. I KILLED A CACTUS FOR GOD’S SAKE! So there is that. PLUS, I think you actually have to be really good at grooming the tree. I’d need some sort of fancy grooming kit, not my desk scissors that have been previously owned by 47 other people. I also don’t know the first thing about grooming plants! My co-worker happened to come by and complimented my new tree-friend. I told her I wasn’t sure if I should keep it, as I am negligent with plants. I decided to give it to her, so I could still visit my tree without killing it. I think I did the responsible thing!

PS. I have been spelling bonsai tree wrong since like forever! I’ve always spelled it “bonzai”, which also reassures I made the right choice in giving the tree another home!


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Growing up, one of my best friends is Nick, that lived right next door. We usually played outdoors, but one day we played inside his fathers house. His father was a smoker at the time, so there were always books of matches lying around the house. I had no idea how to use matches, but Nick did. We were playing “house” and we were behind the bar pretending to serve soda to our imaginary guests. When one of them wanted a light for his cigarette. Nick lit the match and dropped it right on the rug. We noticed a soot mark on the light blue rug. We thought that was pretty awesome, I don’t know why. 

Nick decided that all our imaginary guests needed help lighting their cigarettes. So he quickly lit up some more matches and let them drop to the floor. I decided to give it a try, but I struggled to get them to light. I may have managed to get one or two lit, but Nick was definitely way more successful than I at helping our guests out. Making soot marks on the rug started to get old so we decided to take our soot party outside! Nick stuffed a bunch of matches under his shirt and went outside to sneak past his mom. At this point, I was beginning to feel guilty, since Smokey the Bear said only “I” could prevent forest fires, I’m sure the same rule applies to house fires.

So I randomly decided to tell his mom that Smokey the Bear told us that matches and fires are bad. At this random statement, his mother was becoming a bit suspicious. Nick had just come outside and was walking a bit funny so the books of matches wouldn’t fall from under his shirt. His mother immediately asked him what he was hiding. She uncovered the matches and started to yell at him and told me to go home. I remember I could hear his parents yelling from my house. I don’t think I got into trouble, as they didn’t tell my parents. They likely placed all the blame on Nick since he was a couple years older than me. I still feel horrible for getting him into trouble. His dad said later, he was glad he got the fire-proof carpeting when they built the house! 

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Thanks to Brandbacker, I was selected to try this awesome Maxasorb B12 cream by Vita Science. This cream is scientifically formulated to topically delivery Vitamin B12.  B12 is supposed to help boost your energy levels, so I was very intrigued to try this!

Here is some information about the cream, from the Vita Science site. Each full application of lotion provides 320 micrograms of Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) plus 120 micrograms of Vitamin B3 (niacin) and 10 micrograms of Folate. Maintaining overall energy levels and cognitive abilities supports a healthy lifestyle. It is also paraben freeUsing Maxasorb B12 as directed is a safe and reliable method of absorbing key B-Vitamins. Infused with antioxidants and moisturizers, greaseless Maxasorb is easily absorbed into your skin. Each 1.7 ounce bottle delivers 30 applications of lotion in protected and measured amounts. Natural ingredients assure this lotion is gentle to your skin.  

Each full pump delivers a measured amount of lotion. To apply, Place two full pumps on the inside of wrists and rub wrists together until the lotion is absorbed into the inner arm area. The lotion may be applied anywhere but this particular area typically has thin skin and assures maximum benefit. The lotion may be applied to your face but be careful around the eyes.
I‘ve only used this lotion on my hands, it works fairly well on dry skin too. But I think I will apply it to the inside of the wrists and arm area. I actually think it helped me stay awake on Saturday! I had to work late on Friday and had to do a bunch of errands when I got home and also went to a birthday party. So needless to say, I was very tired the next morning when I woke up early for a hair appointment. Once I got home from the appointment, I had to finish up a small project for work and get ready to go out with my friend. So it’s a good thing this lotion arrived! I used it just before we went out, and I felt much more energized. I didn’t notice a smell, but it does have a pink coloring. I don’t mind because I like pink! The lotion also absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy or leaves a residue. The bottle is small, but should last 30 days (using the recommended one application per day), and is small enough to toss in your purse of bag. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this lotion so I will probably order more once I run out.



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This weekend has been super busy, but fun! I went to a friends birthday party on Friday night and a 90’s rap and house music dance party broke out. I love me a good dance party, yo! I had to get up early (ish) for my hair appointment on Saturday. I was in the chair for like 3 hours, while my hair stylist foiled my whole head and re-applied the purple. I love how my hair looks, but I definitely want to go lighter in my next appointment by having her add more blonde pieces to mix in with the brown. Thankfully my next appointment is just before vacation number 1 of 3 this year. So I will have a chance to lighten it before I head to New Orleans.


That day, Jamie and I went to Bonchon for some delicious sushi and fried chicken. I definitely ordered way too much food and only finished like half of my meal. Yikes! We headed out for some drinks and went to the Sebadoh show. The show was really good! Andy and Mark joined us. 


The opening band was really strange! So we spent most of their set playing skeeball. Andy was a baller and gave us a wad of one dollar bills so Jamie and I could play skeeball while Mark and Andy played pool. We actually did fairly well!. In between some horrible games, I did get some high scoring ones. We also didn’t spend all of Andy’s one dollar bills, so I’m sure he appreciated that. 


Once Sebadoh came on, we made our way back to the stage area. I’m actually not too familiar with their music. But I downloaded a few albums off my Prime account and kept thinking they sound like Dinosaur Jr. Turns out, Lou Barlow (guy that looks like Cousin It in the pictures) was in Dinosaur Jr. Oh man, I didn’t realize how good I am! I took crap-loads of pictures. But I narrowed it down to just a few for your viewing pleasure. I hope everyone else had a really fun weekend too!


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