At long last, Andy and I were  able to try Jake n Joe’s sports bar and it was really good! Usually when we try to go, the wait is crazy long. This time I used “teh smarts”, and called to ask if they have call ahead list. Turns out, they do! So we only had to wait 10 minutes for a table once we arrived. They have a good beer and food selection, and it’s pretty spacious inside.


They have really good pretzel sticks and tots, so that is a win in my book. After dinner, I met up with some friends for drinks at The Model. Andy hates the Model Cafe, so he didn’t join. We had a good time and then we (of course) headed to The Drop! Overall, a successful Saturday! I headed to my parents today, I haven’t been in a while, so it was nice to see my niece and nephew. I also took the time to finally clean the inside of my car and get it washed. I hate getting my car washed in the winter, since it will just look crusty with salt the next day. But, I couldn’t see out my windows anymore, so it was time!  When I was adding windshield fluid, I noticed some creature was having a pizza party inside the hood of my car! What an asshole, he could at least clean up after it self. Anyway, I didn’t notice any party damage, so there’s that. I’m just glad I have a (temporarily) clean car!

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REVIEW: INSTANATURAL SCAR GEL #BrandBacker #Instanatural


Thanks again to BrandBacker, I was given another opp to try products by InstaNatural. This time I’m reviewing the Scar Gel. I am very excited to try it, as I like natural skincare products. InstaNatural was started to provide safe, effective, and affordable skin care products – without sacrificing quality. The product line was developed by focusing on using premium organic and natural ingredients in their formulas, without harmful alcohols, parabens or sulfates. The products are also made in the US!

InstaNatural’s Advanced Repair Scar Gel helps to diminish and erase scars over time by making them less visible in appearance. Perfect to use for men and women with surgical scars, acne scars, burns, or other dark spots. Use twice a day to soften the scar in color and watch it fade away. Each bottle is formulated with the best ingredients designed to give you result. These include, Epidermal Growth Factor, Fucoxanthin, Astaxanthin, Green Tea & Gotu Kola. These powerful ingredients work together to fortify & restore healthy skin to reverse the signs of damaged skin for a flawless tone. The formula glides on quickly and easily and absorbs in seconds. It also leaves no residue or odor behind, and safe to use on all skin types, even sensitive skin. The best part is they back their products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please contact InstaNatural for a refund – no questions asked.

This is a good product! I’ve been using it on an old scar on my leg from a childhood incident. I’ve noticed the scar reducing a bit in size and fading in color! I’ve been using it twice a day on clean skin. It doesn’t have a scent, which is great. You only need a small amount, the formula spreads on pretty well and quickly absorbs. Don’t worry about the color, it dries clear. I can’t wait to continue using it for maximum results!



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[photo] Team name and new necklace

After taking a bit of a hiatus, we’re finally back into trivia. It helps that we haven’t had a blizzard this week. I was glad we went because we got first place last time and still had the $25 gift certificate to use. We didn’t do very good this time. I think we cracked the top 10, but definitely wasn’t close to snagging a prize position. Hopefully we’ll have better luck next week. Maybe then I’ll branch out and try other things on the menu?

I’m stuck on the pub’s roasted veggie quesadilla. I don’t know what it is about them, but it’s the best veggie quesadilla I’ve had. I’ve gotten them pretty much every time we’ve gone. I think I need to make more of an effort to eat something else from the menu. Oh yeah, I picked the team name. My friend likes the fact I call Channing Tatum, Chazz Tanningham. I’m sure no other teams got our reference to butchering Channing’s name, but we did. 


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I wore a new purple glittery dress with argyle tights and black patent pumps! #fashion


Yes, I know the name is actually spelled capital, but I was trying to be cute and use a Hunger Games reference. Anyway, Andy and I had our belated Valentine’s Day dinner at the Capital Grille (read: we just wanted the excuse to have a good steak). It was excellent! When they called to confirm our reservation, they asked about the occasion. I stated it was “nothing crazy, just a belated Valentine’s dinner”. I didn’t think anything of it.


The food was great! I started off with a salad and we ordered a side of mashed potatoes. I was also impressed with the bread basket, breads of all kinds! But Andy warned me not to fill up, I’m famous for loading up on salads and bread when we go to fancy steak places. I can’t help it, bread is my bread and butter…and so is the butter. 



For dinner, I opted for the filet mignon. It was yummy and I wish I could have more! Don’t worry, I did finish my whole steak. So I practiced self-control and didn’t devour the whole bread basket. Would it be weird to take the bread basket home in a take-out container? I wondered this as they took the bread away, and I stared longingly after it. 


I was disappointed this wasn’t a singing fish

Our waiter surprised us with a Valentines Day dessert, which we weren’t expecting. We didn’t end up finishing all the dessert, but we tried. As much as I liked Capital Grille, Ruth’s Chris is better in my opinion. Next up, we will try Abe & Louie’s.

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I got my third Stitch Fix package the other day. It’s a monthly styling service that sends five pieces of clothing/accessories each month based on your style profile. It costs $20/month plus the cost of the items you want to keep. But if you keep any items, you get the styling fee back as credit towards your clothes. Also, if you decide to keep all five pieces, you get 25% off your order. Sound good? Sign up using my referral link. You can make things even easier for your stylist by creating a Pinterest board with your fashion tastes.


As mentioned, this is my third Stitch Fix order! I’m loving it so far,  this is the first order where I’m keeping all 5 pieces. So I got to use the 25% off deal.  Exciting times! This month I got the Zed Dawson Hammered Layered Metal Bib Necklace, Mystree Abigail Colorblock Lace Trim Top, Just Black Connely Skinny Jeans, Moon Collection Alma Plaid Drape Front Cardigan, and Pixley Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress. I didn’t set out to keep all the items. But after I took pictures, each piece grew on me.  I already have a pair of black skinny jeans from The Gap 1977 collection, but I love the Just Black jeans even more. I was going to send the necklace back though,  but with the 25% discount with keeping all items,  it would have cost more to do that. I can’t resist a good chunky sweater,  so I had to keep the cardy. The dress didn’t wow me at first, after I tried it on and took pictures, I liked it. The only thing I was totally sold on at first sight is the colorblock top,  it’s awesome! 


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Thanks to BrandBacker, I was given the great chance to try Pura D’Or premium Organic Argan Oil Based Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo. In my package, I got the Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Shampoo and Conditioner in the lavender vanilla scent. I also got the Pure and Organic Argan Oil. The Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo is one of a kind. It contains 12 DHT Blockers, creates thicker hair and prevents from further hair loss. The Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Conditioner adds texture, shine and volume to hair. Their shampoos and conditioners are free from SLS, Parabens and Gluten! The Pure and Organic Argan is great for skin! It’s 100% cold pressed. It helps create smoother skin, restores nutrients to cells and reduces scars. The products are safe for daily use for all hair types, both men and women.

For more than four years, Pura d’or has been growing a culture planted on a natural set of values and beliefs. But when all is said and done it comes down to one unified mission—to create organic personal care solutions that naturally work. All the ingredients are grown on trees, not in test tubes. The products are artisanally handcrafted by a hybrid team of artists and scientists, not by machines. Some say that this is a step backward, but they believe that this is a step in the right direction. All products are made with only all natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals. Pura D’Or is animal cruelty free, USDA biobased certified and Dr. Trusted. 

Interested in giving them a try? They offer free shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. Also for the month of February, they are giving a special Valentines Day Coupon for 10% off an entire order. Just Enter “Valentines2015″, AND get a free 1oz bottle of Argan oil on all purchases. This is a limited time offer, only for this month. 

I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for a few days and I like it!  I’m sure with continued use,  I will notice less breakage.  Breakage has been an issue for me since I started coloring my hair years ago.  Next month I’m going blonde again,  so I’m happy I have an organic color-safe hair care system to try. Not only does it leave my hair smooth, it has a great smell. I also love the Argan oil,  it is thicker than others I’ve used.  I have been adding it to my hair ends and hands. The shampoo and conditioner are easy to use!  Just lather on the shampoo and leave in for 2 minutes,  then rinse and follow up with conditioner. You also leave the conditioner in for 2 minutes before rinsing. After I dry my hair,  I add a couple drops of Argan Oil to my ends.



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Andy and I went on a double date last night to meet our friends new girlfriend. She is from one town over from me and is really nice, thank goodness! I also got my new Stitch Fix delivery (which I will  blog about this week), and wore one of the outfits  We had a great time at dinner, and the food at Regina’s never disappoints! I just love the cheesy decor at Regina’s, it’s almost like a Chuck E Cheese for adults.


We ordered some calamari and I got the baked mac & cheese. It was delicious! I really wanted to steal the stuffed pizza on the wall, it was really cute! We sat at the “New Amsterdam” table, which made me think of Counting Crows.


Down at the New Amsterdam with Mr. Jones

After dinner, my friend Lil mentioned that she was going to be at The Drop with some old a friends. One of her friends built his own movie reproduction R2D2 and I was drooling over the pictures. He also mentioned that the Red Sox are doing a Star Wars night, and Lil says she wanted to go too, and will roundup other people. I can’t wait! I was so jealous when I saw Star Wars nights on TV from other MLB teams. I’m glad the Sox are now on board and the tickets are still cheap. Now I must continue lounging until it’s time for Andy and I do have our fancy steak dinner at Capital Grille!



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