I had a pretty laid-back weekend. We went out for drinks and also tried Copper House Tavern. I think we will definitely go back to the tavern, the food was good and it wasn’t packed. I got butternut squash ravioli, Andy got a hummus plate, and Brian got a fried chicken sandwich. I think next time I will try the chicken sandwich, it smelled really good! They played a good mix of music and wasn’t super loud, so we could actually carry on conversation. Andy used it as the opportunity to try his water vapor pipe. Don’t worry folks, it’s just water vapor and cherry-vanilla flavored smoke. 


The orange part of the pipe is glittery! I told Andy I want to get a glittery bubble pipe so I can blow bubbles at bars.


Views of the inside, new shoes, and new necklace!


I got a large Yuengling, I love the glass it came in! I also loved the decor

Today I went to my parents house for Easter. It is also their wedding anniversary, so we each pitched in a got them a new patio set. My younger nieces and nephews enjoyed the egg hunt and overload of chocolate! There was 47 courses (as usual-we’re Italian). My cousins also joined us for the egg hunt and dessert. I feel like a balloon now, but whatever!



Yummy chocolate and new outfit

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Repost from my Avon blog!

For those that downloaded my app Avon Calling, please download the new version. Due to Google policy changes, I had to switch to self-publishing so the old app may not work anymore. Don’t worry, I’m working on an Apple and Windows version too. I’ll post all about it when it’s ready!  :)

Download now!


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Thanks to BrandBacker, I got the opportunity to try Eu Natural Clarity Vitamin C Facial Serum. I’ve been using it in the mornings on clean and dry skin (pre-moisturizer) on my face and neck. I’ve always had some fine lines around my eyes, but the serum does help, especially when I use a powder foundation (usually makes the lines around my eyes more noticeable). I have oily acne-prone skin and the serum has not made me breakout. It also doesn’t feel oily on my skin after application, it absorbs very quickly! The serum does have a slight smell. It’s not a bad smell, just a smell. It disappears quickly, so don’t worry. I will definitely continue to use this each morning, and hoping to see improvement on fine lines and post-acne marks. 
Product and Company Info:
This serum is an antioxidant blend with vitamin C, vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and herbal extracts. These ingredients help to smooth skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and treat dark spots. It reduces wrinkles by stimulating collagen production for more radiant and youthful looking skin.
The brand Eu Natural, provides the purest nutritional products based on the latest health research. You can experience the benefits of this serum for yourself, I was provided with a 15% off reader discount!
Discount & Shopping Details:
Product Info: Discount: 15% Off
Reader Discount Code: EUN15OFF



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Go figure, the one day I decide to not start my car, I wake up to this crap! I also just put my ice scraper in the trunk last week and swapped it out for the windshield visor. This was Mother Nature’s FU to doing that, obviously. For once, I was one of those people I hate that doesn’t clean off their car. I started the engine and threw on the wipers and went on my way. But I ended up getting annoyed that I couldn’t see out of my back window, so I pulled over and quickly cleared the back off. 

I guess since we haven’t had any snow in 6 weeks or so, people (of course) forgot how to drive in it. I guess there were a lot of accidents everywhere. Thankfully, I didn’t really encounter any of them. Just hit some light traffic from the sanding trucks creeping along. But on the way, my tire pressure light came on, and I’m really hoping I don’t have a slow leak somewhere. I hate going to the mechanic in between oil changes. I stopped by a gas station and refilled all my tires. I don’t own a tire pressure gauge, so I’m glad the air compressor had one built-in. 

Capture2 Capture3

Anyway, by the time I got to work, I figured I earned myself a Coconut Crack Water (Coco Cafe). I’ve had coconut water before, but I didn’t like it. The cafe downstairs was out of the chocolate banana Naked Juice, so I hesitantly tried the Coco Cafe coconut water in the chocolate flavor. I’m glad I did, because it’s delicious! It also has espresso in it, so I can skip the coffee at home when I’m running late and grab a Coco Cafe from the cafeteria. Wahoo!

My April “Beauty Rocks” Ipsy GlamBag arrived yesterday. This month I got Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Eye Pencil in black, City Color White Gold Shadow and highlight mousse, Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Scrub, Big Sexy Hair Root Volumizing Spray, and Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm. I’ve only tried the eye shadow/highlighter and the lip balm so far. I love the sheer shimmery color of the shadow/highlighter, it will be good for travel since it can be used as an eye-shadow and highlighter. I discovered there is a built-in brush for the lip balm! The balm has nice color and coverage. I can’t wait to try more of these!


*DISCLAIMER: I was not asked or paid to review these products, I purchased the products on my own. All opinions are my own. 


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I had a dentist appointment today that I was dreading. I don’t have a fear of going to the dentist, or getting work done. I just simply don’t like to go because I have to take time off work (or make up the time) and ALWAYS end up with a chatty hygienist! I was bracing myself. Hoping I don’t get Chatty Cathy again, or the older woman that spent my visit lecturing me on drinking coffee, soda, or juice, or the Egyptian woman that was overly thorough with my cleaning and took out a ruler to measure gum recession. At long last, I got one of the few normal people. We chatted casually for a minute or two before my appointment and then barely a peep from her through my cleaning and X-rays. HALLELUJAH! At last, a person that doesn’t talk my ear off while cleaning! You have no idea how happy this made me. Also, it’s is pretty sad that made me happy. Now if only this rain would go away…

Oh yeah, an update from my last post. I ran into my upstairs neighbor and he and some other neighbors were also woken up by “A Streetcar Named Shut the Fuck Up” guy. I assumed he was a drunk guy that got booted from his place. Turns out, he was probably looking for his lost dog and was crying in the middle of the street. Now I feel awful, I hope he found his dog! He was clearly very upset by it to spend over an hour at the crack of dawn yelling and pissing off the neighbors across the street. 

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I was rudely awoken at 5AM this morning by some drunk idiot yelling what I think was “Martha” approximately every five minutes. I couldn’t pin-point where the sound was coming from, so when I was getting ready to leave for work I made Andy do a perimeter check so I wouldn’t get stabbed getting into my car. There was nobody to be found. If I had to guess, I think Martha-guy was on the porch of the house next door. That seems to be where the disturbance was coming from, and I can’t see onto their porch without walking up their steps. 

If I hear this again, I’m calling the cops. I’m also telling Martha-guy, “It’s Stella, you idiot! Also, don’t bother auditioning for Streetcar!”


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I had a fun day with Erin. We started things off right with a sushi at Ichigo Ichie and I got some tasty rolls. I love the decor in the restaurant, very pretty! I got the Green Monster roll, Spicy Tuna Volcano roll, and a yummy cucumber kani salad. The Green Monster roll has lobster tempura, asparagus, avocado topped with seaweed salad, mango & Thai sauce. The Spicy Tuna Volcano has tuna, avocado, and chopped
red onion in jalapeño sauce. I can’t wait until Erin and I got back again.


After dinner, we both got DQ Blizzards in waffle cones and did some shopping. I got some awesome Star Wars socks and shark attack socks. Plus some new clothes, sunglasses, and Star Wars wallet.

Capture Capture2 Fotor0413160049

After the shopping, we went to see Divergent. Overall, I liked the movie. I know they definitely deviated from the book in some spots. But I didn’t like how he is 29, when Four is actually a teenager in the book. But, Theo James provides some good eye candy. So I didn’t complain when he shows Tris his tattoos.

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