A while back, I decided to take biotin supplements to make my nails stronger. I had some Amazon points to use, so I opted for the 120 pack. I used all the pills in the pack for good measure (obviously not all at once, haha), but didn’t notice my nails getting stronger. I was a bit disappointed, I only took them to strengthen my nails. I’ve always had soft nails, which I find unnerving because they peel. I thought switching to nail wraps would help, but it doesn’t. All it did was make my manicures last longer, as my nails can’t peel when a wrap is over them. Which is nice and all, but doesn’t completely solve the problem. I also noticed that my skin was breaking out a lot when I was taking biotin. I know I look young, but I don’t need to resemble a 17 year-old fry cook! I thought it would be a passing phase as I got adjusted to the biotin. 

I gave up on just taking pure biotin, so I bought some “Hair,Skin, and Nails” vitamins (they also contain biotin, among other ingredients). I was thinking maybe this would strengthen my nails and clear my skin. I took them for about 3 weeks and my skin GOT WORSE. But my hair and nails grew fast. Alas, it didn’t make my nails stronger, just longer. It took me a while to conclude that these vitamins aren’t helping my skin. I did some internet searching to discover biotin can actually cause breakouts. It can do this by making you B5 deficient. So I stopped taking the vitamins about 2 weeks ago and my skin looks so much better now. 




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Ok guys, I finally saw Ghostbusters. I hoped to see it with friends, but when I asked, I guess they already went without me! They forgot about Dre, how rude. Anyway, I never thought the movie deserved the bad rap the previews got. Granted the first preview they released left something to be desired. But definitely not to hold the record for most thumbs down on YouTube! Save those down thumbs for something useful, like Snooki’s new video about how she is a “yung” 30  year-old mom. Haha! 96e91a64-1955-4ba5-ab0a-5b644f204012


Overall, the movie wasn’t bad. It was funny, and I liked the cameos and cast. I had high hopes for it, as I honestly didn’t think it was going to be bad. I didn’t let all the bro-sef’s tearing down a movie they have never watched, influence me. No spoilers, so that is all I’m going to say about it. Hopefully you will see it soon with your friends, and enjoy it too!


Sorry (but not really) for all the gifs in this post today, I need something to keep me awake. Apparently our office is infested with hornets this week (last week it was mice), so I need to be alert lest I sit on a hornets nest. If only hornets were capable of making honey, then I could at least have a snack while I get stung. Don’t worry, I won’t be the girl who kicks the hornets nest. But if we’re being plagued by locusts next week, I’m working from  home. Ain’t nobody got time for this “end of times” BS. 

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A lot has happened the past couple of weeks, and I forgot to blog. Now I don’t know where to begin? I guess we can start with some important news. I set my wedding date and venue. After scouting a bunch of places online for their packages, meal options, and price point, we went with the second place we actually visited. It’s a local hotel that offers some really good deals, that are a good value (as far as weddings go). I’m very happy to have the venue, food, date, DJ, flowers, and cake figured out. It’s all included with the package. That takes most of the major things off the list. I probably won’t do much else in the area of wedding planning for the rest of this year. 


Anyway, is it sad that I’m still tired from the weekend? On Thursday we went out for dinner and drinks. The pretzels in the picture were sooo good. I just love soft pretzels. I also recall catching a lot of Pokemon in the restaurant parking lot, haha.


Did I mention it’s been INSANELY hot in Boston for a couple of weeks now? Well Friday was certainly no exception. I met up with some friends at the bar. I decided to walk, thinking it would be cooler out. It wasn’t, dear diary. It was not cooler AT ALL. It was so stinking humid. I thought once I got to the bar, it  would be nice and cool. NOPE.

Turns out, they have the suckiest air conditioning ever. Or maybe it wasn’t working? I honestly don’t remember. I just remember it being really fucking hot, to the point where I went outside every time one of my friends wanted a cigarette just to cool down. I did get a Coronarita, that helped. But the bar refused to open the windows, despite it being cooler outdoors. It was supposed to rain, but it never happened so that’s why they didn’t want to open the windows at first. After the bar, we went to a friends house to enjoy her porch. But I didn’t get to stay long. I had to go to a party down the street, which we could hear from the porch. The party was fun, but it was just too darn hot at their new place. There was typical stuff like beer pong and flip cup.


So Saturday I had (yet another) party to attend. It was for a friends birthday, he has it every year in his back yard. At least on Saturday it wasn’t really humid. So hanging outside was fine. I was even able to find some Harpoon Camp Wannamango at the liquor store. I took their last 12 pack, yippie! 


OMG, this is like the blog post that never ends. Sorry, I’m almost done. On Sunday, Andy and I went to a show. We pretty much go every year, the line up was pretty good for Summerland 2016. We saw Sponge, Lit, Sugar Ray, and Everclear. This time only Sponge came out to sign autographs and take pictures. I’ve met Sponge a few times already, they are very nice to their fans. I might edit this post later and drum up some of the pictures I took with Vinnie (the lead singer) from Sponge. In previous years, I met Eve 6, Filter, and Alien Ant Farm as well. The show was very good. Hell, even Mark McGrath made fun of himself for still having highlights. Gotta love the 90s’, amirite? Oh yes, there were lots of people wearing hemp necklaces, bucket hats, and sporting mushroom cuts. It was quite the sight!


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It’s been quite hot this week in the city. I guess I shouldn’t complain, except it interferes with my Pokemon catching! We kept busy this weekend, but it’s not as busy as we’re going to be this upcoming weekend. Andy and I looked at a potential wedding venue on Saturday. I reached out to a bunch of places a month or so ago, and this Sheraton was at the top of my list. They look great on paper, but obviously wanted to check out the venue before making final judgments. We are waiting to get a quote back, but overall I was really impressed. As long as the total cost isn’t too crazy (it shouldn’t, because I did a quick tally on my own), then I’d like to go with it. We liked the smaller room more, but the smaller room doesn’t come with the fountain ceremony spot. Instead it comes with a small garden-type ceremony area, and the cocktail hour is by the pool. They said we could potentially have the fountain spot, but it depends if another wedding books the larger ballroom and has an on-site ceremony.

It’s not a deal-breaker for me. My ceremony is going to be short, and I won’t even be able to enjoy cocktail hour because of pictures. So wish us luck, the packages include almost everything. So all I need is a photographer, score! After the venue, we checked out the restaurant for lunch. They said catering uses the same chef and quality of food as the on-site restaurant. I have to say the food was really good. So I am confident I won’t hate the wedding food. Hopefully nobody else will either, but my mom liked it and she is a great cook. Oh yes, what is the deal with brides being nuts about the chairs for the reception? I couldn’t care less about chairs, but apparently it’s a thing. I personally DGAF, but I will draw the line at church basement folding chairs. Aside from that I won’t be doing crazy chair covers, or renting special chairs from Oklahoma. No thanks!


Aside from checking out the wedding venue, we met up with Ginny and Derek for dinner and drinks at Lulu’s. I love their fried chicken, it’s the only thing I order anymore. I should really branch out, since all the food is excellent, but I just can’t. After that, we discussed some Pokemon Go. It’s really a fun game if you haven’t checked it out. I don’t get why people shit on it so much. I mean, aside from the idiots that play while driving, dart out in front of cars, or trespass on private property. I do not condone that behavior! But I think it takes a lot of energy for people to complain about it, rather than just letting the fad pass.

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So it looks like I can’t escape mice at home or at work. We had some mice in our apartment a couple years ago. Since then, I’ve kept the traps set around in the house in case they decide to come back. About a year ago the trap in the kitchen caught a random mouse. I haven’t seen any “droppings” or anything since. I discovered over the weekend while vacuuming, that a trap in the living room had caught one. I didn’t notice any droppings around the house either. So it looks like we seem to get a random mouse about once a year or so (in the summer, which is strange). But they quickly meet their doom. I guess mouse karma came after me. I keep a toothbrush at work because I eat breakfast and drink coffee there. So I like to brush my teeth after eating. I noticed the baggie I keep the toothbrush and paste in, housed a foreign object. An object which resembled a mouse turd. I thought it was merely a piece of lint, as I had some leather swatches on my desk. NOPE, it wasn’t dear diary!

It was a mouse turd. THANK GOD I noticed before I decided to take the cover off my toothbrush and use it. Oh yes, the whole “mice hate mint” thing is bullshit.  I use mint toothpaste and that didn’t deter the little fucker.  Unfortunately, I also keep a box of tissues in my desk. I did use a tissue this morning, before realizing my mouse visitor had violated the top of the box. So there is a good chance I have the plague or something. Awesome, right? I ended up tossing EVERYTHING that was in the drawers, both personal items and office supplies. I told the facilities people about it, someone is supposed to come and clean the drawers. Until then, I went to Target on my lunch break to replace the personal items I had thrown out. I even got a cute little container with a lid. I moved all my snacks and stuff to a high shelf, hopefully the mouse can’t figure how gain access. Oddly, the mouse only ate some of my K-cups in the drawer. It missed the other drawer that housed actual snack foods. Clearly we’re dealing with Pinky, and not The Brain.

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There is nothing worse than someone who steals lunches at work. I’ve personally never had my lunch stolen, but it has happened to other people. I’m pretty much the only one (like 86% positive) that brings in Amy’s frozen meals for lunch.
There has been a spinach lasagna in the work fridge since May. I couldn’t remember if the lasagna was mine or not, but it is one of the meal types I purchase. So I left it there and continued to bring in other lunches. 

Today I decided I was going to change that, and eat the lasagna. I mean, there is a very good chance it’s mine to begin with. It also was starting to get freezer burned. I’d hate to have a perfectly good meal go to waste. So I’m taking one for the team, and eating the lasagna. 

I’m also surprised the it has made it past the monthly fridge purge. So I figured nobody will miss it if I eat it, if doesn’t happen to be mine. If it isn’t mine, I will gladly replace it. I’m not a total jerk.


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I’m back from a very fun-filled fourth. We went up to our friends place in Maine. It’s right on the water, and quite gorgeous. There were well over 30 people joining in on the lakeside fun. So a tent city was born! 

We had a lot of fun lounging in the lake, and drinking by the fire. Andy I bought some beach loungers for the water. I ended up only using his lounger. I guess I will save my stingray floaty for another time. We did a ton of things by the lake, but most notably was the Beerlympics. 

I decided to be a spectator, because I hate chugging beer. Each event pretty much involved chugging 1-2 beers. I did chug 2 beers for Andy’s team. Spectators could chug beers to give points to another team. We each had a limit of 3, but I only gave 2. As I said, I’m no frat-boy, so chugging 2 beers was the best I could do. They made shirts to commemorate the event, I guess it’s been going on for 12 years now. Wow! I will cherish mine forever.

I found the small town very charming. The locals were very nice. We went out for ice cream, groceries, and donuts. I totally bought a flamingo egg at the grocery store. It’s a kids toy that you put in water. Eventually the egg will crack and a flamingo will grow. Stay tuned to see how long my flamingo takes to hatch.

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