Looks like I forgot to blog yesterday. This month is a bit crazy! My work is moving locations, and I will have a much shorter commute. Also, my new office won’t be in the middle of the woods, so it will be nice to be in civilization. Although, they did open a huge new strip mall (sort of) near my work. So the last year or so, haven’t been bad for this boondocks worker. But now I have to pack up my desk, which isn’t fun. I’ve been trying to dump things, but looks like I’m going to need more than 3 crates, only because my filing racks and binders take up a ton of space. UGH.

At least it will be easier after we move, I can walk to places for lunch and shopping. Plus I can run errands during lunch, e-gads! The best part of all, I will be near tons of Pokestops! Haha! I know I’m like one of 3 people worldwide still playing Pokemon Go, but I’m very close to getting all of the original Pokemon (that are available to my region). My goal was to try and get as many as possible, before they add  100 more to the game. Let’s see how far I can get. 

Anyway, I had a pretty fun weekend. One night we ended up at the bar near my place. We noticed a piano stored on the balcony, and wanted to play it. I think I convinced a guy to attempt to climb the balcony to play it, but I didn’t want to witness him getting kicked out, so I told him to not bother. 


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So the other day, Boston got it’s first “Eataly” location. I don’t really understand the appeal of it. I mean, I know it has it’s origins in Italy. But I feel since it’s a big chain now, it’s about as Italian as an Olive Garden. Not that there is anything wrong with OG, I love me some of their bread sticks and fake Italian fare! 

Even my own mother (off the boat Italian) has heard of Eataly by now. She told us she wants to go sometime this month. I’m dreading it, to be honest.  The place looks about as appealing to me as eating a rusty nail covered in Ragu. But maybe my mom will get some enjoyment out of it, I don’t have high hopes for the place. 

My main issue, I don’t think Boston needed an Eataly. We already have the North End. The North End is a section of Boston with loads of Italian restaurants, grocery stores, cafes, bakeries, and butcher shops. So I think Eataly will be bad for those small businesses, it will “Wal-Mart” the area.  Why couldn’t they just open it in Worcester or something? I’m sure people in the western/central part of the state would appreciate a fake Italian marketplace, since it will be a closer ride than Boston. Ugh, let’s hope the hype dies down and it doesn’t kill the North End. 

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So FX is in the middle of another Simpsons marathon. I personally love the marathons! I’m happy there is another one, since they moved The Simpsons to FX channel. Andy and I both Simpsons fans. But I think he is growing sick of the marathon. I’m still going strong. I WIN! Although, he hasn’t outright asked me to change the TV channel as of yet, but I sense he is growing weary. 

 I used to watch the Simpsons everyday after school. I would watch The Simpsons and Seinfeld, every weekday after dinner. It was my ritual. To me, it’s quite fun to come home from work and watch a marathon. My only gripe, I don’t like the newer episodes. So the last few days of the marathon will  not be enjoyed. I guess I’m too old skool? No matter, I’m going to sit down with my Duff beer, some grade Z Malk, and pack of Laramie’s tonight. Just kidding about the Laramie’s, I don’t smoke…not even fictitious products. 

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I don’t do Black Friday shopping. I used to do it, but waking up extremely early on a day off is criminal. To me, it’s not worth the hassle. Aside from shopping, it’s basically a day filled with things I despise. Lack of parking, tons of people, long lines, and tons of people. PASSARONI SALAD ON THAT! That’s why Cyber Monday is where it is at. This introvert can truly appreciate the lack of human interaction Cyber Monday entails!

I actually finished my Christmas shopping already. Andy just has to pick up something for his parents, and I have to order the gift for Andy. But aside from that, no more shopping! It’s quite freeing to be done with online gift shopping.

 I always have a mini panic attack as the holiday season approaches, mostly because I have a ton of people to shop for. There is a lot of thinking involved, but it’s done. Now the not fun part of having to wrap gifts is coming up. I usually wait until a few days before Christmas to do that.

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Thanksgiving break is over and it was too darn short! I went out for drinks on Thanksgiving Eve with some friends. I had a good time, I enjoyed some delicious cheesy artichoke dip, beers, and vodka sodas. 

Turkey day was a busy one. We had dinner with Andy’s family, and dessert with my family. we brought home tons of leftovers, my brother made a 28lbs turkey. I made a crumb cake and it came out pretty good!

I went out for drinks again with friends on Friday. Andy found a hat in the bathroom and insisted on wearing it. TBD if we’ll get lice. YUCK! I told him to get rid of that damn thing, and tossed it behind some bar stools, haha. 

We also went to the dine-in movie theater.  I ate fish and chips, and washed it down with a giant bucket of popcorn. Oh yes, we saw Bad Santa 2. it was pretty funny, and the kid reminded me of Elf. haha!

Now it’s back to work. Not looking for wars to it, but must be done. Hope everyone had a good holiday.

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Andy and I celebrated our anniversary over the weekend. It’s actually today, but we opted to celebrate it on a Saturday so we could enjoy the night. I realize this is the last time we’ll celebrate the anniversary of the start of our relationship, because it will be replaced with our wedding anniversary after we get married next year. *gasp* I’m not mad about it, because we’re getting married in September, so it will be much warmer than celebrating in November. I’ll take it!


It was actually snowing a tiny bit on Saturday night, it didn’t stick, but enough to turn my hair into frizz. Thanks Mother Nature, you bitch. haha! Anyway, we opted to try Abe & Louie’s. It was on our list of steak places to try, and we liked it! My favorite place is still “Moo….”, but they are a top contender. I got the bone-in filet, and Andy had the NY Strip. Both were really good!

I’m glad we got to check this place out. It was seriously super crowded when we got there. I was happy I made a reservation a few weeks prior, or we would have waited about an hour and a half for a table. I’m not sure what was happening there, but we were barely able to swim through the crowd to get to the desk so I could check in. We also got there earlier than our reservation. They said they would take us to our table when it was closer to the res time. The crowd made me nervous that we would be waiting over our res time for a table. But they made good on their promise, we only waited about 15-20 minutes. I was pumped! There was a crazed man standing next to us, complaining to anyone that would listen about how long he had to wait for a table. He claimed that he was some kind of “VIP” member there. I have my doubts about this supposed VIP membership, but he was probably mad we got seated before him. 

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Okay guys, confession time. Ever since my co-worker discovered the “brunch favorites” edition of candy corn at Target, I was hooked. The flavors are strange for candy corn, like French toast with maple syrup, chocolate chip pancakes, and waffles with strawberry. But damned if I can’t say, they are the most delicious candy corn I’ve ever had. 


Given that candy corn is mostly sold around Halloween, I didn’t have much time to stock up. These candy corn flavors are exclusive to Target, so I grabbed a few bags one day during my lunch break.

I gave a bag to a co-worker who also appreciates candy corn, as a Halloween gift. I saved the other two bags for myself, and if a random co-worker wanted some. Well, let me tell you, these candy corn bags did not last long at all. Want to know who ate the other two bags in their entirety? ME! I have no self control with these candies.

I feel like that old guy in the 80’s  70’s commercial that was like, “I can’t believe I ate that whole thing.” Well dear diary, I did eat that whole thing. Ever since I polished off the last of it, Target has sold through their stock. I was devastated, as I walked every single aisle with no remnant of a clearance Halloween candy shelf. They needed to make room for the candy canes. What about the candy corns?!!! Huh, Target?!! I found some remaining bags on Amazon. I started off just by ordering a pack of two. Mostly because I didn’t feel like spending $28 on four bags of candy.

The next day, I decided to polish off some Christmas shopping, so I ordered some gifts online. Know what mysteriously (deliberately) made it’s way into my cart? Another two pack of this candy corn. SEND HELP AND INSULIN! I’m hoping I’ll get sick of this candy corn with my first shipment. So by the time the second one arrives, I’ll be 1000% all set with this crack candy. 

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