Guys, I’ve officially had to resign the idea of finding the song from my last blog post. I could record myself humming the tune and post it to a music forum I found, but I think it best to give up my search. I checked my computer again last night and it yielded no results. Maybe someday I will find it, if I happen to be listening to an early to mid 00’s alt-rock station, but I think I have better odds of winning the jackpot.

No matter, I have to switch into Halloween mode anyway. This year I’m starting a bit earlier than normal. It’s because my friends have decided to start sending out invites to parties NOW. Plus, I’m going on vacation soon and will be gone 8 days. This will inhibit my time to work on the rather ambitious costume idea I have in mind. I almost shot myself in the foot last year. I had a costume picked out, then I was hit with sudden inspiration a day before my friends party. So I made a trip to the craft store, and express shipped a giant beach ball to myself, and had a Tim Gunn “make it work” moment.

Anyway, while I could pull off making this costume all by myself, I’m enlisting the help of Andy. Despite the fact he HATES dressing up for Halloween, he loves to build things. So he is more than happy to assist with engineering my Halloween costume. I’m not revealing what my costume is, but it’s going to make the one I made last year look like child’s play. 


Last years Deathstar costume, it actually only took me a half day to make.

I’m glad he is helping me, otherwise this costume would take me FOREVER to construct on my own. Plus, I shouldn’t be trusted with power tools and electricity. So he will be handling the heavy duty cutting, and electrical work. The rest is basically up to painting, assembly, and praying it works! The only part I’m nervous about is the fitting, I’m worried it will not fit the way I want. But I think as long as we don’t make it too small, it can be adjusted. He is confident my idea can be pulled off. I’ve already selected materials and design. Andy is drafting construction and measurement ideas (I can’t be trusted with math either, haha). Wish me luck! If we pull this off, I’m definitely entering it in some kind of costume contest.I have a backup plan, if this idea falls through. But I am quite confident in Andy’s construction abilities. 

I won’t be blogging the rest of the week. I have a girls trip planned with my friend. I’ll cheers you from the beach, with my drank in hand. 

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I’ve had a song stuck in my head and I can’t remember any of the lyrics to it at all. All I seem to recall is the chorus where the alt-rock band sings, “ooh ooh ah ohh ohh ohh.” I recall listening to this song on my iPod on college. I seem to think either the song name or lyrics had something to do with a weatherman or an anchorman. But Google search is no help. I even found a site where you can hum a song, but the results were null. I also tried a lyrics site using the search terms anchorman and weatherman. No hits in the forecast either.

Confession time, I don’t usually clean the songs out of my iTunes library. So the songs there, I’ve accrued since I got my very first iPod. It was a pink iPod mini, and I loved it so! Still the only Apple product I don’t despise. ANYWAY, I tried to search my iTunes library, and I got nothing. It’s possible the iPod it was on died, or the song was lost between several computer changes/restores since my college days.

But all hope was not yet lost. I keep all my CD’s in a giant binder, this includes about 20 mix CD’s I’ve created over my high school and college days. Consider it my early 2000’s homage to the mix tape. Not only this, I also kept the index card with the songs listed on them! Wow, my younger self was so organized, and a music-hoarder. My mix CD search didn’t yield any results.

All I learned, was I probably should have bought myself a Doors greatest hits album. Most of my mix CD’s seem to have at least one Doors song. I had no idea I liked The Doors that much. I forgot to try my Amazon music library, and the few odd folders of songs on the drive of my computer that I may have forgotten to link to my iTunes library. All hope isn’t totally lost yet, but trying to find a song without lyrics is rather impossible. Especially when you’re sure the song wasn’t really a big radio hit, and you can’t remember the band name at all. 

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So I was reading an article the other day about Fuller House. Basically, Jodie Sweetin and the cast has given up on asking the Olsen twins to make an appearance. This really grinds my gears for some reason. I don’t care they “retired” from acting, and have “reasons” for not wanting to be part of the reboot. They could at least suck it up and make a quickie appearance in an episode. Maybe they aren’t intentionally trying to let people down, but I’m interpreting it this way. 

I’m not being greedy and saying they need to be in the entire upcoming season. But I think they (or just one of them really) can spare a few hours and make a vague appearance, no? Nothing annoys me more than celebrities that refuse to acknowledge where they got their start. If I was a child star, I would total do a reboot of whatever helped make famous. So please, Olsen twins (I know you totally read my unpopular blog) and make an appearance in season 2 of Fuller House! Or maybe volunteer the other Olsen, Elizabeth. I mean, she does look quite a bit like her sisters, I’m sure she could pull off Michelle Tanner. Plus she can’t say she “retired” from acting, she was just in the last Captain America flick. 

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Sorry blog, I’ve been neglectful! I’ve been enjoying summer and haven’t made time for blogging. But I took an early lunch from work, and am currently sitting at the sketchy gas station to get an inspection sticker for my car. The attendant is blasting mariachi music from his phone, and giving me the low-down on the lady that just got pulled over nearby.

So I guess that means now is the perfect time to blog! Except, blogging about what I’ve been up to the last few weeks seems exhausting. So instead, I’m going to snark the shit out of the lyrics to “Gives you Hell” by All-American Rejects. Why am I so annoyed by a single that was released in 2007ish? I can’t be sure. When it first came out, I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics. But now my local alt-rock station insists on playing it 3x a day, so I’m forced to listen. For the sake of brevity, I’m only posting parts of the lyrics here.


Gives You Hell-

All-American Rejects [Well reject is already in your name, so you got me there!]

I wake up every evening [Wow, so you slept all day? You sound like a huge winner already! #sarcasm]
With a big smile on my face [Eww.]
And it never feels out of place [Ha, like presumably your wardrobe?] 
And you’re still probably working
At a nine to five pace [Hold up, are you seriously trying to make fun of someone for HAVING A JOB?! What the fuck did you ever do with your life, aside from writing shitty lyrics? She sounds like a strong independent woman (or man, if that tickles your fancy).]

I wonder how bad that tastes [LOL, well he/she isn’t dating your loser-ass anymore. So I’m sure it tastes like the best fucking chocolate cake they’ve ever had!]
When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell [Again, LOL! Yeah, wanna run the hell away to avoid having an awkward conversation with you. Also to avoid smelling your BO from not having showered, since you slept 48 hours straight.]

Now where’s your picket fence love [He/she is working on it. They have that thing, it’s called a JOB.]
And where’s that shiny car [Probably driving it around. Meanwhile, you’re sitting at a bus station with a stained shirt, since your mom forgot to do your laundry.]
And did it ever get you far [Uh, yeah. Have car, will travel.]
You never seemed so tense love [He/she probably wanted to get as far away from your stench as possible. I’d be tense too, tensely plugging up my nose!]
I’ve never seen you fall so hard [You’re probably confusing their sympathy for you, with “falling so hard”. Narf!]
Do you know where you are [Yep, that shiny new car has GPS. They were able to add it on…ya know…with money from that job thing.]

And truth be told I miss you
And truth be told I’m lying [Well, which is it?]


If you find a man that’s worth a damn and treats you well
Then he’s a fool you’re just as well [Well that is just mean. This person who broke up with you, sounds way to good for this shit. You should be happy they have found someone that isn’t a loser. Also, maybe use that as a jumping off point to get a job, take a shower, move out of  your mom’s house, get a car?]

Tomorrow you’ll be thinking to yourself
Where’d it all go wrong? [Yeah, probably questioning why they ever dated you in the first place. Cuz their life is pretty awesome without you leeching off it.]
But the list goes on and on [What list? We know it wouldn’t be a grocery list, because you probably don’t have that kind of money.]


Now you’ll never see
What you’ve done to me [LOL, except these shitty song lyrics are pretty evident.]
You can take back your memories
They’re no good to me [I’m sure they want to “Eternal Sunshine” you from memory. I don’t even know you, and I want to do the same.]
And here’s all your lies [Well nobody is perfect. He/she was likely trying not to hurt your feelings.]
You can’t look me in the eyes
With the sad, sad look
That you wear so well [haha, it’s called feeling sorry for you.]


When you hear this song
I hope that it will treat you well [Bravo! You’re starting to show signs of maturity.]

You can sing along
I hope that it puts you through hell [Well now you just lost the half point for maturity. I’m sure they’ve never heard your shitty song, so moot point there, adolescent.]

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A while back, I decided to take biotin supplements to make my nails stronger. I had some Amazon points to use, so I opted for the 120 pack. I used all the pills in the pack for good measure (obviously not all at once, haha), but didn’t notice my nails getting stronger. I was a bit disappointed, I only took them to strengthen my nails. I’ve always had soft nails, which I find unnerving because they peel. I thought switching to nail wraps would help, but it doesn’t. All it did was make my manicures last longer, as my nails can’t peel when a wrap is over them. Which is nice and all, but doesn’t completely solve the problem. I also noticed that my skin was breaking out a lot when I was taking biotin. I know I look young, but I don’t need to resemble a 17 year-old fry cook! I thought it would be a passing phase as I got adjusted to the biotin. 

I gave up on just taking pure biotin, so I bought some “Hair,Skin, and Nails” vitamins (they also contain biotin, among other ingredients). I was thinking maybe this would strengthen my nails and clear my skin. I took them for about 3 weeks and my skin GOT WORSE. But my hair and nails grew fast. Alas, it didn’t make my nails stronger, just longer. It took me a while to conclude that these vitamins aren’t helping my skin. I did some internet searching to discover biotin can actually cause breakouts. It can do this by making you B5 deficient. So I stopped taking the vitamins about 2 weeks ago and my skin looks so much better now. 




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Ok guys, I finally saw Ghostbusters. I hoped to see it with friends, but when I asked, I guess they already went without me! They forgot about Dre, how rude. Anyway, I never thought the movie deserved the bad rap the previews got. Granted the first preview they released left something to be desired. But definitely not to hold the record for most thumbs down on YouTube! Save those down thumbs for something useful, like Snooki’s new video about how she is a “yung” 30  year-old mom. Haha! 96e91a64-1955-4ba5-ab0a-5b644f204012


Overall, the movie wasn’t bad. It was funny, and I liked the cameos and cast. I had high hopes for it, as I honestly didn’t think it was going to be bad. I didn’t let all the bro-sef’s tearing down a movie they have never watched, influence me. No spoilers, so that is all I’m going to say about it. Hopefully you will see it soon with your friends, and enjoy it too!


Sorry (but not really) for all the gifs in this post today, I need something to keep me awake. Apparently our office is infested with hornets this week (last week it was mice), so I need to be alert lest I sit on a hornets nest. If only hornets were capable of making honey, then I could at least have a snack while I get stung. Don’t worry, I won’t be the girl who kicks the hornets nest. But if we’re being plagued by locusts next week, I’m working from  home. Ain’t nobody got time for this “end of times” BS. 

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A lot has happened the past couple of weeks, and I forgot to blog. Now I don’t know where to begin? I guess we can start with some important news. I set my wedding date and venue. After scouting a bunch of places online for their packages, meal options, and price point, we went with the second place we actually visited. It’s a local hotel that offers some really good deals, that are a good value (as far as weddings go). I’m very happy to have the venue, food, date, DJ, flowers, and cake figured out. It’s all included with the package. That takes most of the major things off the list. I probably won’t do much else in the area of wedding planning for the rest of this year. 


Anyway, is it sad that I’m still tired from the weekend? On Thursday we went out for dinner and drinks. The pretzels in the picture were sooo good. I just love soft pretzels. I also recall catching a lot of Pokemon in the restaurant parking lot, haha.


Did I mention it’s been INSANELY hot in Boston for a couple of weeks now? Well Friday was certainly no exception. I met up with some friends at the bar. I decided to walk, thinking it would be cooler out. It wasn’t, dear diary. It was not cooler AT ALL. It was so stinking humid. I thought once I got to the bar, it  would be nice and cool. NOPE.

Turns out, they have the suckiest air conditioning ever. Or maybe it wasn’t working? I honestly don’t remember. I just remember it being really fucking hot, to the point where I went outside every time one of my friends wanted a cigarette just to cool down. I did get a Coronarita, that helped. But the bar refused to open the windows, despite it being cooler outdoors. It was supposed to rain, but it never happened so that’s why they didn’t want to open the windows at first. After the bar, we went to a friends house to enjoy her porch. But I didn’t get to stay long. I had to go to a party down the street, which we could hear from the porch. The party was fun, but it was just too darn hot at their new place. There was typical stuff like beer pong and flip cup.


So Saturday I had (yet another) party to attend. It was for a friends birthday, he has it every year in his back yard. At least on Saturday it wasn’t really humid. So hanging outside was fine. I was even able to find some Harpoon Camp Wannamango at the liquor store. I took their last 12 pack, yippie! 


OMG, this is like the blog post that never ends. Sorry, I’m almost done. On Sunday, Andy and I went to a show. We pretty much go every year, the line up was pretty good for Summerland 2016. We saw Sponge, Lit, Sugar Ray, and Everclear. This time only Sponge came out to sign autographs and take pictures. I’ve met Sponge a few times already, they are very nice to their fans. I might edit this post later and drum up some of the pictures I took with Vinnie (the lead singer) from Sponge. In previous years, I met Eve 6, Filter, and Alien Ant Farm as well. The show was very good. Hell, even Mark McGrath made fun of himself for still having highlights. Gotta love the 90s’, amirite? Oh yes, there were lots of people wearing hemp necklaces, bucket hats, and sporting mushroom cuts. It was quite the sight!


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