Over the weekend I had an odd dream about getting a fake ID. Granted, I’m 25 and have no use for a fake ID… unless I wanted to make myself younger? Anyway, I had to be 26 for something and didn’t want to wait a month until my birthday. I went to the Hallmark store, where a young clerk would “hook me up” with a fake ID. I thought it would be like $50-75 for an ID. I waited around and got my terrible looking fake ID. I yelled at the kid and he remade it for me. IT LOOKED WORSE! First off, it was a bit larger than a normal ID and in black and white! This kid had the nerve to try and charge me $250 for this “masterpiece”. I said fuck no, and walked out.

Speaking of my actual birthday, I can’t decide between Maine or booking a stay at Foxwoods.


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