I woke up ridiculously early on Friday morning because my dream up and ended. I didn’t realize there was still a 5:30am until I woke up then. I attempted to “bore” myself back to sleep by thinking of stupid things. For unknown reasons, the movie There’s Something About Mary came to mind. I actually like this movie, so I’m not sure why I was thinking about it in order lull myself back into sweet slumber. I could list off all the major characters names, from Ted to Brett Favre. I absolutely could not recall the name of Mary’s brother and that REALLY got on my nerves! I knew it ended with an “n”, but the rest escaped me. Not only could I not remember his name, but I was getting annoyed with myself for being hell bent on remembering it, instead of sleeping. Want to know how this story ends? Me, stumbling out of bed a little before 7am, and going to one of my favorite websites:

His name is Warren, fyi.


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