For someone that doesn’t attend cocktail parties every weekend, I certainly own  more than my fair share! At least all the casual dresses I own get their use, but this post isn’t about my casual dresses.

1) This item was part of a much needed retail therapy session. It’s a beautiful dress faced with grosgrain ribbon, perfect for that garden party you’ve always wanted to have, but never will! If you ever decide to throw an outdoor party with  some potted plants, please invite me along so I can wear my garden party dress. I won’t be gardey for that party!

Times worn: 0

2) I saw this dazzling  piece on a mannequin and immediately pictured myself being a high rolla’  at a craps table, sipping martinis, while casually chatting up Pierce Brosnan.  I don’t even know how to play craps, but I don’t let those small details stop me. [Edit] I can wear this to #BiSC [/Edit]

Times worn: 0

3) Okay, every girl has at least one “abstract expressionist” moment, right? Apparently, I thought I was living in SoHo with loads of artsy friends that have gallery openings every month.

Times worn: 0

4) This one is simple. I needed a dress for a party and I bought it AND wore it!

Times worn: 1

5) It was a steal at Loehmann’s. I racked my brain for an excuse to buy it: a friends wedding in 11 months. SOLD! Sadly, my friend called off the wedding, but I was able to wear it to another friends wedding a year and a half later. I wish I had the foresight to add straps.

Times worn: 1

6) My bestest and I planned to go to Hon Fest. I envisioned myself wearing something polka dot and I  live dangerously close to a giant Forever 21…

PS. We didn’t make it to Hon Fest, we visited Baltimore a couple weeks too early.

Times worn: 0

7) Every girl has an “Alice in Wonderland” moment, right?

Times worn: 1

8 ) Again, I live dangerously close to Forever 21 and I have an incurable love for tulle.

Times worn: 1

9) I also have an incurable love of shiny things.

Times worn: 1

10) I thought I could be the next Elle Mae Clampett. Also, I went through a short-lived gingham phase.

Times worn: 1

I’m stopping there. Believe me, you don’t want to know how deep this thing goes! But, there might be an entry exclusive to boots in the near future. Lord knows I have more than a family of 10 would ever need.



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4 responses to ““MAN, SHE’S GOT ISSUES”

  1. Ah! I love dresses. I also LOVE THAT YOU DEVOTED AN ENTIRE ENTRY TO DRESSES. I especially love that you have an “abstract expressionist” dress. Artsy fartsy FTW.

  2. haha, thanks. I minored in art, so that dress definitely made me think Jackson Pollock. Artsy-fartsy FTW, definitely!

  3. damn I wish we were the same size. Can you gain some weight? It’s too much work for me to lose some 😉

    Can’t wait to see you in that dress in Vegas!

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