My eyes were burning yesterday and I thought it would be fun to type with my eyes closed. Now I am typing this post with my eyes closed and I’m sure that my coworkers are wondering what the hell I’m doing! Thankfully tjeu stpped birning this morning. I thought it was from getting moisturizer in my eyes, but it turns out, I was just dehydrated! Also, I should probably toss out my contacts. But I won’t becaise contacts are expensive.

Just be grateful that I am not in a Morse Code mood. Someday I may actually type a post in morse code.

I have also conclufrf that the sink water here tastes way better than whats from the water bubbler. Yes, I wrote bubbler, it’s a Bostonian term for a water gountain. We also call chocolate sprinkles, Jimmies. But the rainbow sprinkles are still called sprinkles. Don’t ask. I have no idea why.
It’s really hard not to cheat while doing this! I really want to correct everything, and I have done a few so far. Oops!Don’t hity me, I just can’t purposelt misspell stuff. I really only seem to spell things wrong when I concentrate too hard instead of just letting myself type.

I suppose I should get into what this post is really about. It’s about how Stevie Wonder ruined my life today. I entered a contest. You guess the song with some hints and the first few people to guess correctly win handbags. I knew I had guessed right and I thought it was in the bag because the number one song on my actual burthday is I Just Called to Say I love You! i think I should still win on that reason alone.I may actually email them about that.

Oh yes, Stevie Wonder is also blind! How coincidental! I hope I don’t get a lot of hate message from blind people or Stevie Wonder fans. Or blind Stevie Wonder fans. I’m not hatin’ on you, I just really wanted to win a fucjing handbag.


oh yes, I was just anally raped by an airline.



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  1. I actually know most of Morse Code for some odd reason. I guess some part of me wants to be ready if I ever need to code a message. I actually read a post someone wrote in Binary code that was kinda cool to see. I was surprised my one course in computer science for college actually stuck in my head.

  2. Wow, Binary code?! Don’t give me ideas! 🙂

  3. You think google translate could figure out Morse code? Otherwise, I’d be shit out of luck on that one.

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