While trying to win a cruise, I accidentaly won an iPad 2. I knew someone that was selling raffle tickets for their kids school. Looks like Andy and I will be paying full price for our cruise in September. Well, I’m hoping September. He is trying to push is to July or August, but I think I can convince him to go later. Either way, I’ve already saved up for it. I’m going to try my hardest to not buy any new clothes and work with the massive collection I already have in various closets around the house.  *fingers crossed*

Anyway, I was a little annoyed at winning an iPad2, especially since I’m not fond of tablets (I know, I’m weird). I wish the Luck-God-O-Tablets would have sent me a Motorola Xoom instead. Oh well, I’ll try it out before deciding if I want to sell it. I won’t get it until all the raffles are over, which is a few weeks out. We shall see how I feel about it then. Oh the irony!

I had a hair appt to get some red extensions put in. I ordered them a few weeks back, but they didn’t arrive until this week. Unfortunately, the stylist that does the extensions is out sick. I have to wait until Tuesday now, gah! Instead, here is a sneak peak of what my hair will look like on Tuesday using clip-on extensions I got for Halloween a few years back. Also, now you can all admire my fixed front tooth from a previous post.ENJOY!


This is what my hair will look like on Tuesday!



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4 responses to “HAIR, WINNING, & CRUISES

  1. I think the ipad would be cool for a bit then I’d get bored of it. Either way I can’t afford one so it doesn’t really matter.

  2. I’ve missed reading your blog; you seriously crack me up. 🙂

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