Looking for an apartment is a royal pain in the ass! Especially when we are looking in the suburbs. I was going to look at a place this afternoon 3 miles away from work, but after mulling it over during the weekend, I opted against it. I read some bad reviews of the apartment complex online. Also, I’m just not a fan of apartment complexes in general, they tend to attract sketchiness like the scent of burning crack on tin foil.

It’s really tough to find a place that will accept not only one, but two cats. I found a *beeyotiful* place last weekend. When I called the woman about it, they accept absolutely no pets whatsoever.  There go my dreams of owning an ant farm!

Earlier last week, we were trying to get in touch with this guy renting a large apartment in a town we were  interested in. He took too long to return my message, and decided to tell me last minute that he was showing the place for exactly 45 minutes  afternoon of. I didn’t get the message until it was too late to see if Andy could possibly get out of work early and meet me there DURING RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC. Needless to say, we didn’t make it. I called back the following day in hopes that nobody took it yet, but clearly he is lacking in prompt communication skills.Screw em’.

Next we have TMI lady. I called her over the weekend about her “quaint” apartment with no pictures. Normally, I don’t even consider calling about places that don’t have pictures, but I went against my better judgement. The way she described the place, it actually did sound appealing. But, it came with this crazy back story about how they have a security deposit from someone, but he lost his job because his boss dropped dead, and they don’t know if he can have a new job lined up or someone to split the rent with…etc.  She also mentioned that there are a lot of people interested in it as well. I don’t like my odds there.

Another thing, no lease either. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I’m more focused on the bad side. That means, they could raise the rent at any time, change the cat policy, or kick us out at will. So, if we had a few people over on a Friday night and made “too much noise” and the lonely person downstairs complains, we could we be out on our asses wishing we checked out the sketchy apartment complex. She said she would let us know this week, but since boyfriend has 2 cats, I’m sure our odds were slim anyway. No worries though, we already have a place lined up!

To elaborate, I think boyfriend and I have an apartment. We won’t know when we can move until sometime next month, but I assume that we will miss the June 1st date he wanted to shoot for. I don’t think he is too pleased with the prospect of having to move out of his current apartment, move to his parents, and then move to our new pad. But, we’re getting a really good fantastic deal and it’s a ton of space for us. I WILL HAVE A ROOM DEDICATED EXCLUSIVELY TO MY SHOE COLLECTION! Which boyfriend thinks will be for his weight bench…ha!

It’s actually in an area that I wasn’t planning on moving to, ever, even when I worked 1.7 miles away.  But, it’s too good of an offer to pass on. We will be residing on the 1st floor of my grandparents’ two family home, which has been rented out since my grandfather passed away in 1996. The upstairs is currently rented to some college kids.

I wanted to move closer to work, which is why at first I wouldn’t even consider this place an option. But, after I mapped it out, it’s actually 6-9 miles closer than my current drive, depending on which route I take. That doesn’t mean my commute time will be any better though, it will likely still take me 30 minutes to get home…maybe even 40 because of highway proximity. Oh well, that’s still not a bad ,  I can deal.

I will be taking boyfriend over sometime this week to scope it out. It’s actually in a very quiet neighborhood, unlike the rest of the city which is overridden by hipsters and college kids (ugh), almost as bad as crack heads really. I’m willing to look past it all though.

Oh yes, and since we finally have an apartment, I decided to stop being  lazy and cook more. So, this week I will be attempting baked mac and cheese, and fried mac and cheese (assuming there will be any leftovers). I’m not sure  what I’ll cook up next week, I need to scourge the Food Network site.  I will certainly post pics of the baked mac though, stay tuned!



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  1. Fingers crossed your new place works out! 🙂

    And man, mac & cheese sounds so amazing right now. I wonder if they have that in South Korea…

  2. I hope for your sake there is baked mac and cheese in S.Korea!!!

  3. I’m so excited for you guys. I’m dreading having to move now that I will have two cats. I feel like I’ll be black listed 😦

    I am so good at baked mac and cheese if you need help.

  4. Yay for a new place and especially for mac & cheese of any and all sorts.

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