NKOTBSB, and the time Jordan Knight probably wanted a restraining order

In case you didn’t think I was already lame, I went to NKOTBSB two weekends in a row. Both shows were awesome in their own way. But I actually took pictures at the Fenway show on the weekend since I forgot my camera at the last show. While Ginny and I were walking Lansdowne to the entrance, a white van surrounded by police passed by . Two girls began racing towards the van, and then we figured out that someone famous must be in there! IT WAS BSB! I gave up trying to get a decent picture with screaming girls and hands flying everywhere so I made a video instead. Please enjoy the insanity:

I was pumped to see my favorite Back Street Boy, Brian. 

Our lovely mayor of Boston, mumbles Menino, made a short intro at the start of the show. He declared it NKOTBSB Day in Boston and then MARK WAHLBERG showed up! 



Mark Wahlberg

"Say hi to your motha for me"


Well Mark Wahlberg is nice and all, I’ll take a shirtless Donnie any day! 




Oh yes, now on to the time I met Jordan Knight at a bar in Boston. A year or two before NKOTB got back together, my besty and I went to check out a Danny Woods acoustic set. While I was grabbing a beer, in walks JORDAN KNIGHT! I have no idea what happened next, but I awoke from my black-out with a picture of Jordan Knight. Apparently I just casually went up to him and asked for a quick picture. My friend was too starstruck to ask him for one, so I bravely stupidly asked a slightly annoyed Jordan, for another picture. He didn’t sound to happy with me because I started a Jordan Knight photo explosion, but he obliged. Sorry Jordan! I’d like to think the photo riot we created that night (or knight!) is the reason why NKOTB got back together. 😉

Jordan Knight

Yup, that's me with Jordan Knight. I got the right stuff.

Oh yes, and just to show how hardcore I am about my boybands, we also met Rich Cronin of LFO.

RIP Rich Cronin 😦



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3 responses to “NKOTBSB, and the time Jordan Knight probably wanted a restraining order

  1. brookem

    LFO- do they sing that summer girls song?
    you damn straight have the right stuff macking on jordan. you’re too cool for school.

  2. brookem

    ps- i love the classy boston sirens in the background of that video.

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