I just want to start off by apologizing for the girlishness of this post, and for letting you know that I do in fact have a soul. Ever notice how basically everyone on your Facebook got engaged this month? I sure did! This post is about how I should keep my mouth shut and how Facebook should to. BF was mentioning that his best friend is going on vacation with his girlfriend in Europe, and is going to propose. What do I brazenly blurt out? “So, when are we getting engaged?” Um, hello! A  simple,”oh that’s great, tell him I said congrats” WOULD HAVE SUFFICED!

Oh Fudge!

I was immediately ashamed of myself for well, being a girl for a moment. I mean, we’ve been together… a really really  really long time. So long, that I actually don’t want to tell you because you, like everyone else, will smack me in the face with a phone book. Sorry, I had a weak moment, I guess since I’ll be 27, I’m beginning to wonder when the hell we’ll get married too. I know it will happen, we’ve been talking about it for years now. The problem is, I’m impatient as fuck. But, I also don’t really understand what my sudden rush is. Maybe all my relatives, strangers, coworkers, and hell even my friends, are starting to get to me. All the “So, when are you getting married?” queries are taking their toll on wretched soul.  Who knows?! Oh yes, I’m sure it doesn’t help that we attended a friends wedding this weekend.

Oh life.



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5 responses to “OH FUDGE!

  1. I swear it comes in stages. Whether it’s people I know in real life, facebook friends, or bloggers, everyone gets engaged and has babies at the same time. There’s clearly something in the water.

  2. Terra’s right. Everything’s normal and then BAM! Engagements, weddings, babies, babies, babies! It IS summer which is wedding season so I anticipate seeing a shit-ton of wedding photos all over The Book soon.

    I feel ya, though. Sometimes I go through these phases when I think, “When will it be MY turn?” 😛

  3. If it makes you feel any better I’m still single ha ha ha ha ha lolforlife. A-man better but a ring on it real soon. I need to see what kind of brides maid dress you’re going to have us wear. I’m guessing something with senquins….

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