I meant to post about this awhile ago. The fuck wads at GQ decided to write an asinine article naming Boston the worst dressed city. UMM EXCUSE ME?! Clearly these guys HAVE NEVER VISITED MAINE OR THE MID-WEST! No offense to the people I know that actually live in Maine or the Mid-West,  I know you don’t follow in your state/regions unfashionable footsteps. Oh Christ, let’s add in New Hampshire while we’re at it. Anyway, I took the liberty of running a search on Google images on the authors name for the Boston part. Here is the pick of the crop:

Mr. GQ?

Mr. GQ?

Granted, this may not be what the guy actually looks like, but this what I now picture him looking like. Guys have no business offering up fashion advice or judgement to begin with. Unless your name is Karl Lagerfeld, you best shut your fucking face! I think these guys are just really bitter that the Bruins won the Stanley Cup and they are probably Yankees fan too. Ouch, I wouldn’t want to be you!

It’s unjust of you to rate a city on it’s fashion choices, when most of it is population consists of dumb-ass college kids from Ohio.  You should take down the article before you lose what little credibility to had to begin with. Oh yes, stop writing fashion articles when you probably clip off your testicles to fit into your skinny jeans.

One more thing, GO RED SOX!



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2 responses to “GQ, YOU’RE NO KARL LAGERFELD!

  1. Nic

    I salute your utilization of swear words. Fuck yeah!

    Also, I think Americans in general are an embarrassment sartorially. When I’ve traveled abroad I like to play “spit the American” and always claim to be from Canada and certainly not the Midwest! Major weak sauce!

    I just realized I sound like a hella snobby bitch whore. I’m not! Usually…

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