I went to Vermont over Labor Day weekend. I know, I’m a blog-lazy fuck, but better late than never, right? I took about 400,000 pictures, so I guess I’ll just have to pick a few from each activity we did. 


Trip to Ben & Jerry’s factory: (we totes got free ice cream at the end of the tour)

Ben & Jerry's


Yummy dessert

Nutella & banana filled crepe!

Late night swim


Hiking Ausable Chasm, NY

We're on a boat! We drove onto the ferry to NY

Hiking Ausable Chasm

Cozy couches at Red Square


Beach Time!

More Church st!



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5 responses to “VERMONT!

  1. think we’re going to try to do one day of that! we bought these $1 megabus tickets for monday. burlington! not sure yet, boston has so much to see, and we also don’t want to have to rent a car once we get there. 😛

  2. Did you say BEN & JERRY’S FACTORY?!?! I want to do there!

    Also, whatever that pizza-shaped thing is with the powdered sugar… it looks delicious. 😛

    Awesome pictures! The best ones are the beach/poolside pics; to me, those are the ones that really say “vacation.”

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