Early mornings and #NoCaffeine (READ: reduced caffeine) makes this girl a danger to society.

I decided to cut back on my coffee intake. Actually, my laziness decided this for me. I was too lazy to buy more, I admit it. I mean it’s like way to much effort to go to the store and buy my life blood. Instead, I’ve been subjecting myself to replacing coffee with tea. I might have cheated on Saturday by having an iced coffee. Incidentally, I’m one of those people that hates hot coffee so I drink iced coffee year-round. Also, Saturday was the day it SNOWED. Fucking snowed, to be more precise. The most dreaded form of precipitation, it’s too early for this shit. Anyway, I’m digressing here a little bit.

Tea wasn’t doing anything for me. I came to this startling realization, not at my desk, but at 6am this morning. My head was pounding so badly, it infiltrated my dreams. MY SACRED DREAM SPACE! I spent most of my dream on a magical journey to find the Advil. I realized my journey hadn’t quite ended, when Sting rudely stirred me awake by “sending out an SOS” via my alarm clock. I blurted out a “fuck this”, and got myself some coffee ASAP. Well played caffeine addiction, well played!

EDIT: I still need to post about my birthday and Halloween. I’ll get there (eventually)



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5 responses to “Early mornings and #NoCaffeine (READ: reduced caffeine) makes this girl a danger to society.

  1. What tea have you tried drinking? If you’ve just been drinking generic stuff from tea bags, I would advise to not totally give up on tea yet!

    If you’re used to drinking strong coffee, tea will tend to have a lot less caffeine, and many teas will also not be as strong tasting. But there are some very powerful teas out there. I really like Assam and Yunnan black teas for their bold taste.

    If it’s really the caffeine you crave, you may want to explore tippy teas, teas including a greater portion of leaf buds. These include black teas like tippy Assam, Yunnan gold, and the like, as well as some green teas, and even some white teas (Silver needle is made exclusively out of tips, and is thus surprisingly high in caffeine, and it’s so mild tasting that you can brew it super strong, although it tends to be pricey). Gyokuro, a Japanese green tea, is high in caffeine and also contains a lot of L-theanine, a chemical that interacts with caffeine in order to make a smaller dose of caffeine have a greater effect.

  2. You are having major caffeine withdrawl with the headaches. I like Starbucks’ Tazo Awake Tea. I think it has more caffeine in it. I’m not a fan of coffee. But I do like Tim Hortons’ Iced Cappucinos. 🙂

  3. This is how I feel about french fries. Help me.

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