A few weeks back we decided to pull an all-nighter at a casino for a friends birthday. Since our friend decided the casino trip last minute, we were shit outta’ luck with finding a hotel room. A casino is probably the last place you want to go when you’re shit out of luck, but that didn’t stop us. We mostly drank, wandered around, and gambled a bit. I didn’t really win, but I didn’t really gamble either. I mainly go to casinos for the atmosphere. If we count the free bowling I got at “High Roller”,  and the creepy old guy asking if I wanted a drink, I’d say I broke even. Thank you, Foursquare and creepy old guy!


OMG, we're almost there!


Loosest Slots Around!


More Dirty Slots!


Roulette Action


Giant fish outside the "Country's Largest Bingo Hall". I kid you not, these people play for four hours straight. So hardcore!


Halloween decorations. I wonder if they make headstones for the money they take from you?

Lux Bowling

Luxury bowling!


They even have chandeliers at the lanes!

Chandelier-up close

The only way to bowl!

The Place to Be!

Everytime I come to this casino, I make it my mission to find the Green Acres game. I took this photo illegally, because apparently it's against the rules to photograph gaming equipment. I was told this after I spent most of the evening taking pictures in the casino. OOPS! People ask why I like the Green Acres game so much. It's because of the pig and it's "the place to be". 😉

Schweddy Balls

In addition to pigs on slot machines, Schweddy Balls ice cream was the peak of the evening!


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