My friend and I went to NYC over a weekend. We had a blast! I usually go to the city 1-2x a year. I think I enjoy going around the holidays the most. There really isn’t anything like Christmas in NY. We mostly went shopping this time around and did a lot of  exploring of midtown. I took about elebenty billion pictures, here are the “cream of the crop”:

Only in NY, a Swarovski crystal bike.

We found a Goodburger!! Unfortunately, Ed had the day off.

Empire strikes back!

I should apologize ahead of time for all the "fish eye" photos, couldn't resist!

Tree at Rockefeller center, it was being set up.

Skating at Rockefeller plaza

Floating Swarovski's

Only in NY...

We bought out all the street vendors. I'm still trying to figure out where to put all these scarves and bags

NY Public library. It is stunning inside, but also about 400 degrees. I guess books like to be toasty?

More fish eye fun

Times Sq

More fun in Times Sq

NY skyline from top of the Rock




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6 responses to “NY STATE OF MIND

  1. I’d love to go to NY someday. Maybe I should stop over next time I go to London. I love the fisheye pic of the skyline.

  2. Noemi

    Those pictures are amazing! I can’t wait to go back up there.

  3. Aww, New York! I’m jealous you go 1-2 times a year! I’ve only been there once and it was during Memorial Day weekend. I would love to go back during Christmas time. 🙂

    • You should definitely do it! My regret is that I usually go the weekend before they finish the tree at Rockefeller Center. I go with this annual bus trip, so I can’t change the dates. But, I think one year I will just take Bolt Bus or Mega Bus for the tree lighting. I’m sure it makes NY 1000% more awesome! 🙂

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