I hope you all had a fab Thanksgiving. Mine was quite entertaining, to put it mildly. My teenage nephews thought it would be a good idea to go hiking in the woods outside my brothers house with his slingshot. Yes, my 35-yr-old brother owns a slingshot. Once they came back, we all spread out around 3 rooms stuffing our faces with turkey and various sides. Side note: I totes made pumpkin crescent rolls!

Awhile later, my nephews were teasing each other about ticks. They were jokingly trying to psych themselves out. Unfortunately for them, there was more than just a grain of truth to their jokes. They must have gone through a tick nest because one of my nephews began freaking out after spotting several ticks on the inside of his shirt. He bolted upstairs and was flailing around in his boxers like he caught fire. Once the tick infestation was discovered, my other two nephews began to follow suit (or suit-less, as it were). So yeah, my brother got up from his turkey dinner once he heard all the commotion upstairs. We had to put their clothes into garbage bags and toss them on the front lawn. They had to shower and change into my brothers clothes, which were too short (my nephews are skyscrapers).

My brother-in-law and I began scouring the downstairs for ticks. I hate bugs! They should know better than to invade my personal space (ie the great indoors!). I have sharp eyes, and was able to spot 5 or so spread across several rooms. My brother-in-law and I went on a tick hunt. I was the bloodhound, and he was the hunter. We carried around a box of tissues to squish those fuckers! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my sister-in-laws baby nephew, got sick and vomited near the dinner table. We are quite the party animals!

Thus far, I haven’t spotted any ticks on me yet, but it still freaks me the fuck out!

[EDIT] I forgot to mention that we also gave eachother mustaches, thanks to the Stachematic. Happy #Movember [/EDIT]


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