Ten on Tuesday

It’s lunch. I figure I can probably handle eating a pizza slice the size of face while blogging, right? I’ve seen Chelsea’s 10 on Tuesday floating around the interwebz, and thought I would participate! 🙂

1. Do you wear glasses, contacts, or are you one of those perfect eyed people?

Glasses! I have a night pair and a day pair (yes, I’m insane). I wear my Guess Zebra print ones at night. I usually rock my LEOPARD PRINT KATE SPADE pair during the day. I only put in contacts if I’m going out or on vacation. This generally stems from the fact that I stare at a computer screen all day at work, and contacts make me want to pluck out my eyeballs. Also, I’m too lazy to put contacts in every morning. 

2. What is the next item you are going to purchase?

I’m probably going to exchange my bright blue pair of skinny jeans for a turquoise pair.

3. Have you ever watched Judge Judy or any other real court show?

Does Night Court count? 😉

4. How do you feel about fake nails?

Cool for other people, but not for me. My nails are on the soft side, I don’t want to make them worse. 

5. What is your favorite sport to watch?

Basketball.  *sobs uncontrollably*  PLEASE COME BACK!!

6. If you could create your own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, what would it be and what would it be named?

It would be vanilla cake batter ice cream with gummy bears, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate fudge, cookie dough with a splash of caramel. I’d title it “Bearly Legal“. I will now create the domain: BenandJerrysShouldHireMe.com

7. Do you have any scars?

Why yes! I have one on the side of my lip from getting into a fight with the sharp edge of a can as a child. I also have one on my knee from when I fell GOING UP A HILL when I was 4. 

8. Does your pet’s name fit them? Is there a more appropriate name?

Her name is Daisy. I think it suits her because she would gladly dig up a bed of daisy’s if we let her.

9. What is your favorite television show theme song?

Spongebob Squarepants! Absorbent and yellow and porous is he…

10. What was your favorite activity on the playground?

Growing up, our playground had these horse swings. I loved the blue one. If any other child was on it, I would smack da bitch!



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4 responses to “Ten on Tuesday

  1. You had me with the ice cream and then wrapped it all up with a bow in #10. :O)

  2. OMG, why don’t I have daytime and night glasses? I’m doing this wrong, obvs.

    • haha! The problem is that I love both pairs. The only way to remedy it is to wear them both in the same day! I’m going to be in serious trouble if I fall in love with a third pair of glasses. *awkward love triangle*

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