A wonderful, glorious, magical, fantastical thing happened recently! A shop specializing in craft beer opened a mere 10 minutes away. You have no idea how incredibly awesome this is. Finally, a place I can go to try beers from around the world! It’s like drinking at Epcot, minus the screaming children and creepy gnome statues. We plan to attend some beer tastings as well.

I had to resist the urge to buy the “Beer Nerd” t-shirt. But, I may have to partake. Next time, I’m going back with a list. Not only did this place have a killer selection of beer, but the staff was quite knowledgeable with beer pairings.

I tried Well’s Banana Bread Beer with Young’s Chocolate Stout (same company). All you need is 3/4 glass of banana bread beer and 1/4 or so of the chocolate stout. It was pretty delicious! I think it would make a good car bomb, I’ll keep that in mind next time I pick up some pints.

Dear Santa,

This is all I need for Christmas (in addition to a new TV)




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  1. I might like beer with flavors like those.

  2. BANANA AND CHOCOLATE BEER?! It’s a good thing I don’t live near that shop, or I’d be in serious trouble.

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