I went to the Museum of Science this weekend for the Pompeii exhibit. It was a really fun day! We went for my brothers birthday and had a delicious meal in the North End. I’m glad I got to use my beautiful new camera. I’m very happy with how the pictures came out, despite not really knowing how to use it yet (I used my phone as well). I also went to a show at the HOB this weekend, it was like being stuck in a labyrinth.The downer was David Bowie wasn’t there to bail me out. Every time I had to use the bathroom, I told my friends to send a search party if I didn’t return in 10 minutes. The room where the show was held was a total mind fuck. I mean, it was pretty cool with all the couches and the fireplace, but it was very confusing. I did spot a guy that looked like he could pass for Ewan McGregor’s scurvy cousin.

A bugs anus. I

My nieces creation

Like father like son...

Ancient Roman hibachi!

Really old bread. Want a slice?

Gladiator helmet

Good noms!





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