I was going to try to get some audio for you guys, but YouTube is being a douche about “copyright infringement”.  Pfft! I just hope that many of you have already  been blessed enough to hear the audio stylings of  Shaniqua, by Little T and One Track Mike. I feel like I’m suddenly being telephonically harassed by old women.

Earlier this week, I got 3 consecutive video text messages from some lady travelling in DC on my work Droid. She clearly wanted me to see her “birthday walk” in front of the Washington Monument. Thankfully she was not in her birthday suit! 

This morning, I awoke to a voicemail from a random number on my OTHER PHONE! This old lady clearly thought I was a licensed dentist. I guess my message greeting, wasn’t a big enough prompt to know she had the wrong number.  She spent a good 3 minutes explaining to me how she wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight because her tooth hurt. I almost wished I had answered and told her to meet me at office at 3AM, or at least tell her to eat a Snickers. But alas, I’m not the type of person to pull that kind of prank. 

Who will be next?


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