I had an eye appointment on Friday. I went in because I was finally running out of my year-supply of contact lenses, two years later. My prescription changed slightly, and I could only use my insurance on glasses or contacts. I opted to use it on the contacts, which means I had to pay for updated lenses out of pocket. I wish I had just said no to the new lenses, I haven’t noticed my prescription changed. I probably could have gone another year. Oh well, too late now. After my appointment, I went out for dinner and shopping with my friend. Nothing like getting over spending $150 on new lenses by shopping for more unnecessary shit, right?

Anyway, it turns out that I find my current brand of contacts uncomfortable because my eyes are drier than the average bear. Who knew?! I sure as hell didn’t! I only notice that my eyes “taste like burning!” during allergy season. I’m doing a lens trial between two types of daily lenses right now. The first ones are certainly more comfortable than my 30-Day lenses. But, they began to bother me after 6 hours or so.

I had some “technical difficulties” this morning . My left eye is a jerk. I can get my right lens in with one try, but I have to go 2-3x rounds with my left. Lefty just doesn’t like contacts, and as an act of jackassedness, it decided to expel the lens at work this morning. Don’t worry all you disciplinarians out there,  I’m going to poke it later as punishment for it’s insolence. I PUT CONTACTS IN SO YOU CAN FUCKING SEE, YOU UNAPPRECIATIVE LITTLE BITCH! 

I’m hoping I have better luck with the other daily lenses. I have noticed they are much more flimsy than my 30-Day pairs, which might be why Lefty spit it out. Wish me luck!



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4 responses to “MY LEFT EYE IS A DOUCHE.

  1. My right eye doesn’t like me. It’s always the first to get uncomfortable.

  2. I hate contacts because my eyes get so dry. Acuvue Oasys haven’t been too bad.

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