I promised myself I wouldn’t be lame and blog about this. But I realized being lame isn’t a crime! Believe me, and if it was, I would’ve been prison years ago for lameny.

I’ll admit that I have an aggressive side. I keep it under control because society frowns upon it. I treat it like an embarrassing uncle with an engorged head that gets drunk, and falls down the stairs a lot. I think when used correctly, aggression is a valuable tool. It’s a good way to strive toward a bullshit free life.

I used to punish my aggressive side by keeping it caged in a corner. Now I try to use it to cut through any loads of crap . This is a recent development. Since I’m so used to hiding my aggressive side, it’s made me shy. The older I get, the less I really care about hiding myself. I guess you could say I’m becoming like an old person at 27. I love how old people can say what they want! While I try to do things in diplomatic fashion, I’m certainly looking forward to the advantage of saying fucked up shit at an old age.

I recently did something sorta taboo, and may have crossed the threshold into crazy. I actually messaged someone that deleted me off Facebook to ask why. I normally let this type of thing go when I notice, but we sorta share a social circle. I was trying to be folksy by sending this person a request, and now I’m calling them out. I’m genuinely curious to know the reasoning, I’ve been nice to this person and never spoke poorly. I’d like to know if I did something wrong! I also sent the request a week ago and was ACCEPTED.

Let me set the record straight, I’m not an annoying FB user. I don’t play Farmville, I sparsely update my status, and I don’t post random shit everywhere. I’m an adult here, and I can take it if you don’t want to be “Bffs4LyF.” You could have easily hit decline and nip this thing in the ass. Better yet, send a message saying “thanks but no thx”. I doubt I’ll get a reply, not even a feeble, “Oops, my hand slipped”. I did offer an out in the message, and entertained the idea of an FB glitch. I’m betting my chips this is no glitch. Some people are just cowards.

Yes, I will totally eat my words if I get a logical reply.

EDIT 2/17/12: I did get a reply! But, I won’t be running to put on a word-eating bib.



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  1. Yeah I am really hating the whole Facebook thing. I hate when people delete me but I have deleted people as well. Did you get a reply?

  2. I’ll delete people that I don’t see, ever, or who weren’t real friends to begin with or if they post something offensive on facebook. That said, I’d have a hard time deleting someone in the same friend circle, even if we weren’t really close. That just seems like a passive aggressive way to start some shit.

  3. I told you my thoughts on this and am totally on your side. I know both of you and I told her that I thought she was in the wrong because she asked me what I thought.

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