Alas, I have finally moved people (or person) that read this blog! I started with the best intentions, thinking I would start packing weeks earlier. Howevs, I let my procrastination gland convince my brain I didn’t have that much stuff. I expected magical cobbling shoe elves to pack my shit up for me.  You can only imagine my disappointment in discovering my unpacked items each morning and no freshly made shoes. With only a little over a week left,  I finally started packing. I began by picking an area each night to box up after work while simultaneously getting addicted to Storage Wars. Some nights I would also make a trip to the new place to unload. This plan worked fairly well, despite that I suck at packing. I mean, it takes me FOUR DAYS TO PACK A SUITCASE. So you can imagine how much fun packing up all of my possessions was. 

The move itself went pretty well. I decided to hire movers because my new place has narrow front steps. I just felt bad asking friends and family to move my heavy furniture. It was expensive, but worth it in the end. I took Friday and yesterday off from work to fully unpack. I will be sure to post a picture of my shoe closet. YES, I NOW HAVE A CLOSET EXCLUSIVELY DEDICATED TO MY FOOTWEAR…I’M DISGUSTED WITH MYSELF TOO! #ShoeaholicProblems I had to get a little creative with storing my clothes, but I managed to get everything to fit. The “emergency” clothes rack I got from Target can be returned. Poor Andy only has one closet to my three. He knew what type of baggage I came with and is still with me #BlessHisSoul.

We have no idea what to do with the dining room. We don’t want to buy furniture for it because we aren’t classy folks that host dinner parties. We’re going to leave it empty for now, at least until we get a treadmill. Then it can be our home gym. We only have a sofa, TV, and 1990s’ TV stand (complete with VHS shelf) in our living room. I’ve already made an Ikea shopping list for the 1960s’ wonderoom I’m building. Since we can’t take the apartment out of the 60s’, we might as well work with it. I’ll post pictures in a month or two when it’s donezo. BTW, I’m totes buying this framed poster for the bedroom. Purrrr…..

As for everything else, living with my boyfriend is going well. It’s basically like the best permanent sleepover ever! We’re having a Wii triathlon tonight with frisbee toss, bowling and 3-point shootout. He has been very patient with me asking him to do random crap. I’d like to think I’m handy, but I’m not. I couldn’t even drill in some hooks yesterday! To my defense, I’m having trouble gripping things because I cut my nails too short. Even typing this post is painful! See what I do for the sake of blogging?! I’m in pain here! 😉 Oh yes, while we’re discussing things I suck at, I also suck at suction cups. I can never get those bastards to stay suctioned. Which reminds me, if you’re reading this Andy, I need you to re-suction that shelf to the shower and the toothpaste cup near the sink. THANKS, LOVE YA BABE!

I had fun labeling my giant shoe boxes. "OMG, SHOES", "OMG EVEN MORE SHOES!", "WTF, MORE SHOES!"



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  1. I don’t know anyone who actually packs well and ahead of time. It is always just so hard. You are always thinking if you pack something early you are going to need it before you go.

    I love storage wars. I always root for Jarrod and Brandi but I love Barry the most because he is so weird.

  2. I swear to you 60% of the internet has an Andrew of their own, myself included.

    Also, yay cohabitation!

  3. Suction cups are a lie. They do not stick.

    Also, I love your shoe box labeling system. FTW!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that can’t get suction cups to work! 🙂
      I think in my delirium, I decided to label my boxes all funny. The movers got a kick out of it.

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