I had a really fun weekend, too bad it has to end with a Monday. It should really come with a disclaimer, Monday: the cause and end of all weekend fun. I had the most AMAZING baked seafood mac and cheese on Friday night. It had shrimp, scallops and other fish-type things in it. Oh man, I wish I was eating right now and it’s morning. We finally tried this new place near my apartment that has a ton of beer and great food. I find their craft beers to be over-priced, but at least they have cheap Miller Lite (#FTW).

On Saturday, I dragged Andy to Home Goods  under the guise of grocery shopping and dollar store hunting. I spent a ton of money and I feel like I didn’t get that much though. We are still planning our big Ikea haul for living room furnishings. I’m glad my bonus from work came in and that our sofa isn’t pillow-less. 

While traveling back with our Home Goods and grocery plunder, I spotted a guy crossing the street wearing a tiny green hat. I knew from that moment on, my sole mission for the day was to acquire a tiny green hat, and acquire one I did! Andy and I decided to take a walk down the block to see if this thrift store had any tiny green hats. The owner was very nice and was trying to help me find something to suit my tiny-green-hat needs. The trip was fruitless, and 7-11 and CVS yielded no results either. 😦

Not wanting to feel defeated so early in the evening, I strapped on my bright green pants and foraged on. We met up with a group of friends in my hometown and had a lot of fun. The moment I walked into the bar, I saw a guy wearing a TINY GREEN HAT! Andy asked him where he got it. It turns out the bar was giving them away that morning. BOO!

Later in the evening, Andy traded some beers for the tiny hat after explaining my mission to get one. The guy told Andy he was a lucky guy after he pointed me out. So that is how I got a tiny green hat. This isn’t the first time Andy has bribed someone with beer to get something for me either! He paid a guy in drink tickets to let me cut him in line for the bathroom at Harpoon Octoberfest. #ThankUBabe

After that, things got interesting when pleather jacket guy tried to hit on me the millisecond Andy went outside to have a cigarette. It was super-awkward because our friends were right next to me and trying not to laugh. I never know how to act when I get hit on, which only adds to the awkwardness. I’ve been in a relationship so long I don’t have a charismatic way of shirking away from someone. Thankfully he left before Andy came back in. We all joked that his jacket probably isn’t even real pleather. Oh yes, some girl decided to bump and grind my new boots. I wish they made boot-condoms. 

Yesterday I visited my family for lunch and picked up my mail. I was happy to get my BirchBoxGlamBag, and free coconut vodka curteosy of SKYY and #BiSC. THANK YOU! I also cleaned most of my apartment, programmed the universal remote, and re-finished a dingy second-hand desk I’m using as a vanity. It looks really cool now and I’m happy to put my makeup and nail polish on it. Pictures to come!

PS. I think I now hold the blogging record for abuse of the phrase “tiny green hat”. #TinyGreenHat #TGH…it totally needs it’s own hashtag!

PSSS. Who is going to BlogBetterBoston this weekend?!



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  1. I love the little green hat. Tiny bit jealous over here!

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