#BostonBloggers-THE RECAP POST

This post is long overdue! After all the fun I had at the Boston Bloggers meet up, I’m finally getting around to the recap post. I was super excited to attend this meetup, especially since my awesome new glasses from EyeFly arrived at my doorstep.

I quickly got ready and ran out the door to catch the bus into downtown. While on my way, I made plans with Lea to share a deep-fried Mars bar at The Lansdowne Pub. Man, did deep-fried Diabetes taste good! Special thanks to the Lansdowne for hosting us, they did a great job with tasty apps. I mean, THEY SERVED GRILLED CHEESE! That is a direct line to my heart. 

Once the party got started, I met some new bloggers and reconnected with some I met at Blog Bettah Boston. It was great to see you again, Sara, Jen, Carley, Katy, Amy, Alison! I connected with some awesome new people like, Penny, KatieAnn, Natalie, Sarah, Melissa, Amanda, and Kurt. Sorry, if I left anyone out, my brain is a bit foggy!

Myself, Natalie and Melissa of BostonDayBook. Special thanks to Ann for the picture!

I was sad when the night came to a close, but was pumped that Uber sponsored the event and I got a ride home! I will definitely be using them for the Boston Beer Summit. As always, I want to thank the lovely ladies that helped make this event happen,  Katy, Amy, Alison!



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2 responses to “#BostonBloggers-THE RECAP POST

  1. Love those glasses!! It seems like BBB was such a great time– I wish I had gone. (I’m a new-ish blogger, also based in Boston! Well, Cambridge more specifically, but whatever). It seems like such a great community– I hope to meet more people on the blogging circuit around here!

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