I had a fun weekend. Myself and bunch of friends met up for cinco action. We had tasty food (steak burrito for me!), and cervezas. After, we went to an Irish pub and dominated the juke box. We took advantage of the drunks that left credits on the machine, and made some funny song requests. I selected “Mandy” by Barry Manilow. I also did an epic dance to “Smooth Criminal” back-lit by the juke. I wish someone posted that shit to YouTube, it will probably never happen again! Our friend L gave us a ride back to my apartment in her awesome orange mustang. I’m glad I didn’t have to stumble 0.9 miles back to my place.

On Sunday, I wore tranny heels to a communion. To my defense, I didn’t realize how high the heels are, and I felt like a purple giant. When I got home, I measured them. They are almost 6″ high, WTF?!! I didn’t have much trouble walking in them because I strapped my foot in tight, like a seatbelt or stuffed sausage.

OMG Shoes! Pardon the dirt, I was in Andy’s Jeep. 😉

After the party, I changed to sneakers and my new Celtics shirt, and met with Patrick and Joey. We watched the Sox lose in the 100th inning and Celtic’s clobber ATL. We also made a #VEDA video about how I ate diabeatus. We listened to the Wilford Brimley soundboard for inspiration.I posted the video to YouTube and Twitter ,while @ replying Liberty Med. I have not heard back from Liberty about their express shipping options. 

Hello Liberty Medical!


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  1. You said Diabetes correctly! I totally want that brownie.

  2. Those shoes are amazing and they should come to Vegas with you!

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