It feels like I went through a long weekend in one day! I got a new computer at work and it’s a laptop. I think it’s exciting because it opens me up for travel and I’ll be able to work from home on occasion. My co-worker and I attended a work meeting in NYC on Saturday. My co-worker left from his night job to the airport. I guess he got a little lost trying to find parking, and missed our flight out! He took a later flight and GOT THERE BEFORE ME! My flight to NY was pure hell! We were stuck on the plane for over an hour because there was something wrong with like the left phalanges.  O_o What should have been a 40minute flight, took 2 hours. At least the weather was nice in NY, I was glad to get away from the rainy Boston weather! We missed some of the meeting, but were able to get the work done that was needed. Once we were done for the day, we had lunch at the elusive Burger Joint. It’s a little hard to find, since it’s hidden behind a red curtain in 5star hotel. It has a cardboard menu and writing along the walls. They warn that if you don’t know your order when  you get to the cashier, YOU GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE! I was pumped to try out this soup-naziesque place.  It didn’t disappoint.

View from work

Burger Joint sign

Burger Joint menu

Inside the Joint’

We did a bit of walking around and exploring before leaving the city. The street vendors were the best part. I have no self control and I got some iPhone cases and sunglasses. I also got to use my new prescription sunglasses from EyeFly. I was bummed to head back to the airport in the late afternoon, but I had a #BiSC date with Terra and Bob. I guess you can’t have a proper NY experience without an encounter with a socio-pathic cab driver. I hailed the cab and got inside before speaking my destination, apparently cabbies HATE bringing people to the airport.  Boy, did he let us know he wasn’t thrilled, by driving 100mph and hitting EVERY SINGLE POTHOLE KNOWN TO MAN AND SOME THAT WEREN’T EVEN INVENTED YET!  I wish I could say the flight back went smoothly, but it didn’t! LaGuardia airport does have nice seats outside the terminal, too bad we were stuck inside the plane on the tarmac for an hour. This time, it was the crappy Boston weather preventing us from taking off from sunny NYC. 

Ribbon building

Street vendor time!

Sunglasses time!

Headless lady fountain

I swear that every time I go to NY, I ALWAYS take a picture of Radio City Music Hall. I probably have at least 50 pictures of it on my computer. It’s basically a tradition at this point.

I wish that was the Cash Cab behind me!

Hello, lover!

GTL time, all the time!

I was exhausted by the time I got back to Boston. But I got a second wind, showered, and grabbed the bus for a mini-#BiSC reunion. We had a little too much fun with the GIF Boom app, and I’d Cap That. It was also decided that we need a karaoke night ASAP, and I need to bring my spirit hood. 

You know you’re exhausted when the delirium checks in. I was thinking “haha, airplanes have buttholes, and THEY LIGHT UP! #OMGLOLOLOLOL”, when I took this.

Animal House!



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4 responses to “24 HOURS

  1. Great pics! Too bad your flights were kinda crappy. I can’t wait to visit New York!

  2. Every time I see that GIF I can’t help but actually laugh out loud. I had so much fun seeing you and I’m glad you rallied and came out to play!!

  3. Ken

    On behalf of Boston, sorry about the shitty weather.

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