I don’t encounter snails very often. It all began one day in late March, I was leaving for work and discovered a snail shell on my front steps of my new apartment. I named him Dr. Sheldon Cooper, I didn’t know if he was alive but he was my friend.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Caltech theoretical physicist

We’ve been having a very rainy spring. So imagine my surprise when a month later I discovered more Sheldons! Snails as far as my eyes could see…except for the one Andy stepped on by mistake. I named most of them Dr. Sheldon Cooper. 

Eventually, I ran out of Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s to name, until I discovered a giant Pierre Escargot! Ole!



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4 responses to “OH LE SNAILS!

  1. Ewwww! I like how you named them Dr Sheldon Cooper!

  2. My head tells me that snails are just slugs in fancy houses, but I think they’re really cute. And I think the name Dr. Sheldon Cooper fits them all quite well.

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