I had a busy weekend and I’m sad it’s over! I think the only reason I was in a pleasant mood this morning is knowing that I’m going away this weekend (HURRY UP FRIDAY! ). On Friday, Andy and I went to the Phantom Gourment BBQ Beach Party. Oh man, it was awesome! I’m bummed I’ll have to wait another year to re-visit the BBQ masters. Once we were extremely full of beer and BBQ, we rolled ourselves around to various watering holes in the area. I welcomed the opportunity to use an actual bathroom, and not a portapotty (YUCK!).

A friend also had a summer Halloween party, and I was super excited to go! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I actually already thought of a costume for this year, but wondering if I should save it for next year? Thankfully there was enough notice that I was able to think up a costume and order it online. I went as Teen Royalty, Gretchen Weiners. I even wore hoop earrings, TAKE THAT REGINA!

Now for pictures, try not to drool on your keyboard over the BBQ images!

Best pulled pork sandwich, EVER!

This shelia very much enjoyed the shrimp on the barbi

Myself and Aztec Gino. Sorry for the blur, Andy took the picture

I found this giant mac and cheese noodle on the way. How awesome and random is this?!!

Party time…

Andy wearing my wig with Abe Lincoln’s beard. Apparently honest Abe isn’t honest about having a beard.

G for Gretchen 😉 SO FETCH!

Again, sorry for the blur. Andy has many talents, and picture-taking isn’t one. Not even my fancy new camera can help!

Good ol’ Abe Lincoln wearing my wig.


I probably shouldn’t have my flammable costume this close to a fire.



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  1. Nice photos. I love BBQ.

  2. I saw that crazy macaroni noodle when I was in Boston. So weird. I wanted to take a picture of it but these two hippos were trying to climb on top of it to take their picture with it. We waited to see if they fall and smash their faces, but they didn’t and we got tired of waiting and I never got my photo of the noodle. So sad!

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