I was on Instagram the other day, when a follower posted pics of her tickets to see Alexz Johnson in IL. I was like “OMGMINDEXPLSIONLOUDNOISES…WHAT?!”. If you know me, then you know I’m a 90s’ Disney  and Teen Nick nerd, that also loves CTV (Canadian Television…Ready Or Not, anyone, anyone?!). Yes, I’m an American, but Canadian TV is awesome! 

I watched Teen Nick upon it’s invention, back in the good ol’ days when it was called Noggin/The N.  Anyway, I didn’t really like Alexz on the Disney series So Weird, but I think that had to do with her coming on later in the series and she kinda seemed like an annoying younger sister. I will forgive her trespasses, as she was on Teen Nick later for Instant Star. I loved this show, and was ashamed of myself for only thinking it was on for a season or two. I guess I was too busy in college doing silly things like “studying” to keep up with the series for it’s entirety. Imagine my surprise when I was cruising Netflix last year and saw a few seasons on instant! Needless to say, I watched the shit out of the series. I think I should get the box set. 

Anyway, upon the discovery of Alexz Johnson still singing and touring no less, she is coming to Boston soon. I’M TOTALLY GOING! I was making myself dinner last night and was wondering what poor friend I could drag to this show. E agreed to go, as long as she isn’t working (!!!!!!). That’s what BFF’s are for, letting you geek the hell out to former Teen Nick stars with no judgment. I have no idea if for legal purposes, if she can actually play anything from Instant Star. I really really really hope she can play Waste My Time. Please Alexz?! Okay, confession time. I’m listening to the song on loop right now from YouTube #sorry #imnotsorry.

Moving on…I really don’t understand why every single person on my Twitter feed and Facebook is either seeing Magic Mike or Ted. REALLY PEOPLE, REALLY?!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!! I just don’t get it, honestly. Mila Kunis and Marky Mark should get an award for Most Awkward On-Screen Couple. What was casting thinking on that one? Then again, I guess it doesn’t really need to be believable when Seth Macfarlane plays a pervy Teddy Bear named Ted o_O. I like Family Guy and all, but this looks about as entertaining as a Bea Arthur sex tape. Side note, I might see Magic Mike on DVD since I would be promised some Joe Manganiello shirtless time. Hey, I’m only human. At least I’m not seeing it for Chazz Tanningham and his “OMG DANCE”, “OMG DANCE MORE”, “OMG DANCE MORE MORE WITH A BULLETPROOF VEST”  movies.


Moving on, I had a fun weekend. I went to a BBQ/pool party/dance party/summer camp party. There were also tractors, chickens, and dragonflies involved. Kinky stuff.

We were excited to escape the puritan state of Massachusetts so we can do fun things like light/buy sparklers. Viva la resistance.

He looks eager!

Don’t worry Jerry, I didn’t get gonorrhea from this tractor.

We played Space Jam pin ball for good measure.



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  1. I saw Magic Mike and the movie was awful. Don’t get me wrong, I like hot men, but the plot was horrible!

    Ready or Not was an AWESOME show! Did you watch the old 80’s Degrassi too? LOVED that show.

    If you like Canadian TV, and haven’t seen it, you should watch “Being Erica”. Unfortunately, the series has ended (we Canadians seem to take the GOOD shows off TV). It’s an awesome show. I have all 4 seasons and want to rewatch it. Too bad we aren’t in the same city. We could have a marathon!

    • Yeah, I didn’t expect it would have a plot. I’ll just wait to rent the DVD, if I ever feel like watching it.

      Yes! I used to watch Degrassi High and Degrassi: The Next Generation until they all went to college and got a new cast. Ready or Not was such an awesome show, I miss it. Sometimes I see the actress that played Amanda in a random movie or show.

      Ohhh, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll check out that show 🙂 If you have anymore Canadian TV suggestions, send em my way!

  2. Kelly L.

    OMG. I totally forgot about “So Weird”… now I want to watch it again. I don’t even remember all that much about it except an episode where there was like a banshee or something that was going to eat the grandpa and the main girl was all NO, I DONT THINK SO and the mom was playing a song and it was all intense and shit.

    Anywho. I don’t get the whole “Magic Mike” thing either. I saw one of your other commenters said it had a horrible plot. I’m just impressed that it HAS a plot. My sister and mother went to it and I asked her what it was even about and she was like, “idk, strippers?” So, yeah.

    • haha, I think I vaguely remember that episode of So Weird. I need to see if that’s available on DVD!
      The only reason I might see it on DVD or TBS, is to see Joe Manganiello!

  3. Alexz has so much amazing music outside of Instant Star. I’ll be at the Boston show. I’ve been blessed to have met her twice. Before you leave the Boston show MEET HER. If, by some incredibly unlikely circumstance her performance doesn’t have you hooked, she is an amazing girl and her personality will.

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