Is it sad that I’m still tired from Sunday night?! I had a fun weekend and I should blog about it before #VEDA starts tomorrow. On Saturday, I went to see Alexz Johnson. That girl has just an amazing voice! I spotted her in the audience for a minute taking pictures of the opener. I figured she wouldn’t play anything from Instant Star, but that’s fine. I liked what she did play, and I downloaded some of her songs. I would definitely see her again. I felt bad for Andy though, he had to go with me since my friend couldn’t make it. She went to the ER for a crazy migraine she has had for 2 weeks, YIKES! She was still considering going, but I told her  live music and a 40 mile drive probably wouldn’t be ideal for a migraine. After the show we met up with friends for drinks and darts. I mostly watched the Olympic men’s gymnastics though. Could you blame me? 😉

Sunday was another great day, Ginny and I made our 7th grade dreams come true. We saw Our Lady Peace! It was an amazing show, they even did 2 encores! It was great to see them, even if it was 15 years later (OMG). Our friends B and M went to their show in 1997 and neglected to invite Ginny and myself, how rude. I’m glad we finally got our 7th grade revenge, haha! I think our tickets should have been marked “Obstructed View” though. We got to the show early enough to scout a spot near the bar and bathrooms. Unfortunately, some tall and large-headed people shoved their way in front of us. I wish they had some consideration for us short folks that were there first.I mean, they could easily see over us. I had to hold my phone and camera well above my head to take pictures. At least it was a good workout for my triceps. Aside from the big heads, it was a good time. I was happy they played 3 of my favorite songs and the encores were just so amazing.

Andy got tickets to another show for this Friday, and I’m taking my friend to Cirque for her bday on Saturday. Her birthday was in March, which is when I bought the tickets. It’s going to be so much fun! This will mark my 4th time at a show, each time just gets even more amazing than the last. 

Now for pictures! I brought my new Nikon to OLP, but some of the pics came out blurry so I’ll just post phone pictures. It turns out I had it on some weird setting for when you’re on a boat, and that made the pictures blurry. It should be fixed now, I just wish I knew that beforehand. Oh well! 

Alexz Johnson

Opening band for OLP



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2 responses to “MY CAMERA THINKS I’M ON A BOAT.

  1. OLP is awesome! I have to say, I’m loving the men’s diving. 😉

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