I’ve been watching Project Runway from the start. Yes, I even stuck through when they thought it was a “good idea” to temporarily move from NY to freaking LA, and make it 90 MINUTES LONG! Despite these major complaints, I’ve tried to forgive Bravo/Lifetime their trespasses. I’m currently watching season 10 (this alone blows my mind) and not sure I can handle it anymore. I pretty much say to everyone I know every season, “I’m totally not watching it this time”, and always find myself on the couch with the DVR set to Lifetime at the appropriate time. WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS?!

I feel like I’m holding on to a ghost of a show, so afraid I’ll miss something awesome if I stop watching it. I was starting to feel relief the other night knowing the end is in sight when I caught a glimpse of the new season of “Project Runway Allstars”. My eyes began to burn and I felt a huge weight come over me as I sunk into the recesses of my sofa. I only get a week or two off before PR Allstars sashays into my living room.

Suede was in the preview for PRA, I don’t really remember him but he looks like Scott Weiland. I complained about this to Andy who was pretending to play games on his laptop and totally not watching PR *cough*. I said it so many times that my dog probably thinks his name is Scott Weiland. Ugh. The preview also marks the return of the infamous Wendy Pepper (gag). This should be interesting! Maybe if I say on my blog that I’m totally going to watch PRA, then it won’t actually happen?! Here’s to reverse psychology.

Speaking of NY and fashion, my annual November trip is coming up. My friend J is going this year and we will probably do more shopping than sight-seeing. That’s what happens when you put two fashion majors together! I’ve been meaning to check out Uniqlo for a year now. We’re going to get the amazing ultra light down jackets. This shiz can be folded up into a little pouch! I truly hope they have a leopard print option this season, since I passed on the opp to get a new leopard puffy jacket. Don’t worry, I’m still getting the leopard print pea coat I have my leopard print heart set on.



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  1. Project Runway does this shit to me to, so at least you’re not alone. I keep ending a season all pissed of and swearing I’m never going to watch again, but then the next season pops up on my DVR and I just can’t help it and once I watch one episode, I’m hooked.

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