I’m always surprised at how quickly summer passes. I had to quit flip flops this week, it’s so sad! September was a busy month with my birthday and all. Since I was sucky at blogging most of the month, I’ll do another bulleted recap with pictures. Oh my!


  • Spending Labor Day with my BFF by the beach and pancakes from The Pancake Man. I posted some pics in my August recap.
  • Quality bowling time with my #VEDA-rans. Patrick made an awesome video of this! #VEDA- Day 38?

This place hasn’t been updated since the Reagan administration.

Myspace duck face shot

Can’t own boring bowling shoes

  • My sister surprised me with a massive amount of lawn flamingos for my bday. BEST.DAY.EVER!

  • I met Wakefield from the Sox. Super nice guy!

  • Headed to Maine for some bday fun that involved outlet shopping, seaside dinner, and seaside drinks. I have better pics on my Nikon, but I’ve been too lazy to upload them. 

Good nomz

Dinner view

Perkins Cove

Delicious drink

Testing out my attachable iPhone fisheye lens.

I just love Maine…

  • I had a (mostly) lovely bday outing at Yard House. I’m glad my friends were able to make it and the food was good. We did have a bad waitress though. I complained to the GM and she worked with us to be sure we were happy. I wrote a Yelp! review on it and I’m over it already. I just hope she finds another career path, for the sake of other patrons!

  • Andy got me an Xbox Kinect for my bday with a dancing game. My BFF stayed over after my bday outing and we DANCED OUR FACES OFF most the following day to the gift she gave me, Michael Jackson: The Experience. It’s seriously the best game ever!
  • We had some adventures with creeper dog.

  • Andy and I had a pretty chill past weekend. We went to party, got some more Kinect games, and WATCHED DEXTER!


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2 responses to “ODE TO SEPTEMBER

  1. I’m coming over to play with the dog and dance!

    and “I just can’t quit you flip flops” 😦

  2. sarcasticallybitter

    I’m jealous of your kinect dancing game. I have Just Dance for my Wii. But it’s no fun by yourself.

    Sorry for the crappy waitress. That can make or break an experience at a restaurant.

    I really want that glass-the gritty one!

    Zorro takes the best pics. He’s so photogenic!

    I really want to go to Boston to see you and Zorro!

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