I’m so glad it’s Friday! Like I seriously want to kiss the ground right now. This week has been crazy and I’m glad that I was able to squeeze a few runs in during lunch. I feel like a total scatter brain because I’ve had so much to do, that I’ve been hopping onto different things every 5 minutes! Yesterday Andy and I went to a pumpkin beer tasting where we also had pumpkin chips and bread. I also got a bunch of pumpkin beers to try for costume party one of four this month. I’m very excited about my costume! I haven’t taken pictures of my pumpkin beer collection yet, but I’ve stolen some pictures from across the interwebz. Thank you random beer-picture-taker-internet-people! 

Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Heavy Seas – The Great Pumpkin

Sarnac Pumpkin

UFO Pumpkin

As for the tasting, I had Wachusett Pumpkin, CBC Great Pumpkin, Dogfish Punkin Ale, Southern Tier Pumking, and Southhampton Pumpkin ale. I really liked them all, so it’s hard to choose which one is the best. 



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  1. Pumpkin beers are about the only fruit beers I can handle. I think of them the same way I think of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, a thing to be enjoyed the moment it’s technically fall and the bringer of cooler weather.

  2. Kelly L.

    What about pumpkin cider? (Like, Woodchuck, but pumpkin instead of apple). I heard this was a thing. I am curious.

    • I’ve heard of pumpkin cider, never tried it though. I’m not a fan of apple cider which makes me think I won’t like pumpkin. But I will do anything for science, so if I find some ill try it and report back! 😉

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