I’m very sad that I need to retire my favorite pair of brown boots. They’ve been with me since 2009! After doing some searching, I think I’ve found a replacement pair. The only issue, they are about $20 cheaper on this sketchy-ish website. I think I should just play it safe and pay more from a trusted online retailer. I was going to get a pair from work, but I’d have to wait another month for them to get more boot options in. I can’t wait that long!Β 

Hello new boots, you have a lot to live up to!

I went to a really fun costume party over the weekend. It was held by some musician friends, which meant professional sound systems and lighting. Pretty sweet! We had a lot of fun ruling the beer pong table for awhile. I was dressed as R2D2 and made friends with a flamingo, ninja turtle, Jem, and Princess Leia. Surprised? πŸ˜‰ I also danced like a robot with my new pirate friend. We all tried to avoid the guy that came dressed in jeans and hoodie with dozens of tree branches sticking out of his body. The floor was covered in leaves by nights end. This party was much more fun than the weird one last weekend in Brookline. As mentioned, I have three costume parties on Saturday. I highly doubt we’ll make all three, but 1-2 should be feasible.Β 

My awesome-o R2D2 costume re-purposed from a Tin Man. I think I’m going to cut off the shoulder pads, reads a little football player.

My R2D2 cap I made from a bowl. I have to find more glow sticks to put in the scope.

Cool light show!

My pirate-pumpkin beer selection for the night.



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  1. sarcasticallybitter

    I love your R2D2 costume. I showed a picture to some girls at work and they also loved it!

  2. so creative! LOVE IT.

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