I have been bit by the Christmas bug. I already bought my pre-lit tree (blue-of course!), stockings, tree topper, tree skirt, wreath (named her Wreatha Franklin), and mantle decorations.We’re not setting anything up until after turkey day. I think my tree is going to be smaller than I thought when it’s set, but I live in an apartment so I don’t exactly need a 7′ fir tree (maybe?). But I’ll be “nstagramming” the shit out of my living room once it’s all set up.

 Andy and I don’t typically do couples costumes for Halloween. Read: he doesn’t do couples costumes for Halloween. This year I was R2D2 and he an Angry Bird. I found out last week, Angry Birds released a Star Wars edition of the game. Which is the awesomest thing EVER.  So HA, we did technically a couples costume this year. Now I have to somehow trick him into a couples costume for next year. This will not be easy. I can’t rely on the Angry Birds people to read my mind again. 

 I drove down to my BFF’s house 40 miles away this weekend. We always do sushi at the same place, and haven’t had sushi anywhere else that matches it. With Halloween being one of my favorite holidays, I got the “back by popular demand” Halloween roll. This place sometimes does really cool plate art. When my food arrived, I was a little confused. Is it a flying potato? Overweight bird? Nope, we concluded it was a ghost/angel since I got the Halloween roll. 

The Great Ghoul of Sushi!

Once our bellies were full of delicious food, we rolled on over for some outlet shopping. One of the places we went was Coach. Mind you, I just got a new bag for my birthday a couple months ago. But, they lure you in with their coupons and sale prices. I couldn’t leave empty handed. I got a couple new bags. I know, I have no will power! Nope, none! 

Now after shopping on Saturday night, most people would probably stop by some random place to get drinks. We are not most people. We went back to her area bought some perler beads, and did crafts in her basement. I know, we are sad people. But we enjoy our crafts! Check out the necklaces I made. 


Moby Dick!

My friend made this Mario. We’re going to wear our Mario & Luigi necklaces to a show in a couple weeks.



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  1. sarcasticallybitter

    I love the pac man necklace! I remember playing with those craft beads (are they beads). My grandma was a grade 1 teacher so she had a whole bucket full!!

  2. Kelly L.

    Wreatha Franklin. I love you.

  3. Kelly L.

    ALSO those bead things. My sister and I used to make crafts with those ALL THE TIME. Those were the days. I LOVE the Pac Man ghosts. You should make me one and bring it to Vegas and I will love you forever. Like even more forever than I already do.

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