#BostonBloggers RECAP POST

I wasn’t feeling great last night, but glad I was able to head out to the Boston Bloggers holiday party. It was worth sitting on the hotter-than-hell bus to get there! At least I got to cool off for 10 minutes by getting lost trying to find Audubon Circle. Once there, I had a good time meeting bloggers! I missed the past couple of meet ups, so I was definitely happy to make it to this one. 

 I ran into Ginny, Jen, Kristin, Katherine, Lea, Phil, Lindsay, Janee, GregKhris, Allie, and lots of other awesome folks. We had lots of conversations about, gym memberships, cats, giant Christmas trees, bike vandal kids, and fashion bloggers. There were lots of really well-dressed fashion bloggers at the meet-up.

I always envy fashion bloggers because I lack the patience, dedication, and lots of other things to be one. I went to school for fashion and still wouldn’t dare become a fashion blogger. I work in a casual environment and I get up early. I lack the morning-personess to get up any earlier to find a cute outfit, put on make up, and take a picture for my blog (Deja-Vu?). Major kudos for those that do! Not to mention, Andy has grown an aversion toward being forced into taking pictures. He also manages to make them look blurry (possibly on purpose).  I don’t think I need to worry about offending him, he doesn’t read my blog (I hope)!

Anyway, I was a little out of it at the meet up. We were supposed to grab colored stickers to put on our name tag that corresponds with our blog-type (i.e fashion, tech, lifestyle, etc). I accidentally grabbed blue, which was tech. It was stressful to pretend being a tech blogger, I don’t know much  about gadgets or the iPhone 27! I also kept calling Phil, Greg. Sorry, Phil-Greg! At least I’ll never forgot that you not Greg.

As the evening went on,  my headache was slowly creeping back in. I decided to be prissy and take a cab home instead of the bus. I didn’t feel like bursting into flames on the bus and getting sued by the unfortunate Hipster-person next to me for burning his copy of Infinite Jest. Sorry for not giving my blogger-friends a proper good-bye! 

Big thanks to Alison and Kate!



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2 responses to “#BostonBloggers RECAP POST

  1. B

    I always feel intimidated when I run across a fashin blog while blog hopping! They always look so put together!

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