The next couple of weeks will be draggin’ ass. I have 11 days off from work coming and it will be no fun waiting for stupid time to hurry it’s ass up so I can pretend I’m a teenager for a little while and just eat and sleep. Oh yeah, and also enjoy the holidays with family and friends. I haven’t asked for any “big ticket” items. I think I’m all set as far as the latest electronic gadgets and whatnot. I guess that makes me a terrible at pretending to be a tech blogger from my last post? My niece made an elaborate gift matrix for things she wants for Christmas. I wish I was that organized at that age! I also wish I took a picture if it, I was impressed.

Anyway, on to my usual weekend recap!

Andy and I decided to have a date night. I was going to try Hailo, but they failed us. I booked a cab and they confirmed only to call me when they were supposed to be arriving to cancel. So we decided to walk to the main road and hail one, and we were lucky enough to find one. I didn’t realize there was a tree-lighting happening around the corner. Once we were on our way, we tried Red Bones in Somerville. It was pretty good, but I definitely wish I got the steak instead of pulled pork. Oh well, I know better for next time. We also went bar hopping afterwards. Makes me sad the weekend is over, but I’m slowly on my way to 11 days off (PLEASE GET HERE FASTER!).


Loverly couples shot

Beer time!

Beer time!

Red Bones interior

Red Bones interior



Pulled pork

Pulled pork


Super pumped it's banana bread beer season!

Super pumped it’s banana bread beer season!

I also darkened my hair a little. Feels more "me"

I also darkened my hair a little. Feels more “me”



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2 responses to “DRAGON ASS

  1. B

    Mmm, that pulled pork looks good!

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