There are a few odd folks that live in my area. One of them talks to chipmunks and feeds them peanuts. He does this while sporting an orange sweatband across his long locks. There is another guy that decided to take a dump in the back patio of my apartment. I blame “Dump Guy” on my upstairs neighbors, that thought it would be a “good idea” to party with him. There is also the “L Street Mechanic Guy”. He can be seen on most weekdays with his long spindly legs sticking out from under his 1995 Honda Civic along the bend of our narrow street. How this man still has legs, is a mystery to me! Moronic college students like to play chicken while driving 50MPH down the street. He also has an impressive (what I like to call) Bald Eagle Mullet. Lastly, there is Robe Guy. Robe Guy is my favorite! 

As soon as I moved in, I spotted him on his front porch. He was sporting a red flannel robe while totting a large bottle of whiskey. This was at 11AM. It turns out that Robe Guy is a cab driver! Next time I need a cab, I’m going to call his company and ask for Robe Guy. I just want to be friends with him, so we can get hooked up with cab rides when we’re in a pinch. I imagine us calling the cab company and getting connected with Robe Guy. We’ll chat and laugh during our 3 mile commute and become BFF’s. Perhaps he will be a cool dude and give us a free ride once in awhile, we’ll be sure to tip our friend generously. So Robe Guy, will you be our new BFF?!



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4 responses to “HEY ROBE GUY, LET’S BE FRIENDS!

  1. Pam

    Your neighborhood sounds AWESOME! Never a dull moment. I just get the random guy who walks by in Pj’s walking his boxer holding a giant stick.

  2. sarcasticallybitter

    You have some interesting people living near you! Robe Guy sounds cool!

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