I’m not into Valentine’s Day. Andy and I will usually go have a nice dinner someplace and call it a night. We also don’t have Valentine’s Day dinner on the actual day any more, who wants to pay more for the same exact dinner?! This year will be no different, we will probably have dinner Sunday night, since we have Monday off. Hopefully his cold will be better by then! Whenever he gets sick, I take Echinacea like a fiend. Gosh, I’m so romantic!


I offered to pay for dinner, since my department won an achievement award and we each got a small bonus. I missed the award ceremony because I was forced into a four-day quarantine thanks to a blizzard. Don’t worry, I have a separate post reserved in hell for winter storm 2013. Andy refused the offer, and told me to use the bonus towards my turquoise love seat. At least Andy is romantic, I’m just a robot with a shoe obsession. 



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  1. sarcasticallybitter

    oooh Turquoise love seat? Sounds awesome.

  2. terra

    I’m such a thrifty bitch when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Andrew is forbidden from getting me flowers on Valentine’s Day just because they’re so much more expensive on the day.

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