I had to get a filling re-filled at the dentist the other day. I’ve been rescheduling this appointment for over 6 weeks now and decided to finally show up. The main reason I had been avoiding it is I hate driving there! The office is far from where I live now, but was convenient when I was at home. Plus, it’s a pain to get into work earlier so I can leave earlier to make it to my appointment. 

After illegally parallel parking my car in a “permit only….until 5pm” spot, I went in. I was greeted by an overly-perky hygienist assistant. o_O Okay, I thought maybe she would lead me to my seat-contraption and leave me stare at the popcorn ceiling.Oh no, dear diary that would be too easy for someone that had been up since 5am! She asked me a shit-ton of questions about work where I lived…etc. Of course she wasn’t from the area and had never heard of any of the cities I spoke of. She then proceeded to ask where these places are, and I’m just like can you look at a map and let me continue to stare at this interesting ceiling?! I pretended the Novocaine was impairing my speech and an awkward silence ensued. Thankfully,  some gracious person pulled her from my section to badger some other  patient with a little game of “10, 000 questions you should ask a cranky stranger”. 

My dentist came in to start the procedure since my face was nice and numb. Chatty-Cathy was the official water-squirter and dryer-lady of my appointment slot, of course! It was through the incessant questions to the doctor, that I found she was only a temp. PRAISE JEBUS! I thought I was going to have to find a new dentist there for a minute. During the 25 minutes of getting my filling redone, I found out many interesting things about C-C which I will put into bullet points.

  • She drives her kids to NYC on the weekends to audition for commercials and/or movies.
  • She had never heard of Les Misérables, other than she thinks her daughter auditioned for the part of Cosette…or the “little blonde girl” as she put it.
  • Until I told her, never knew Les Misérables is actually a book written in the 1800s’.
  • She had also never heard of the show “Modern Family”.
  • She doesn’t have cable.  
  • She is new to the area.
  • She has never heard of any of the local towns and or cities surrounding my dentist.
  • Her daughter auditioned for a GAP ad, but she was too pretty for it.

At long last, the torture was over and I could go back home with a numb face and brain to match. She was a very nice woman, but I don’t like being tossed billions of questions during a dental procedure.  Lucky for her, my dentist is a very patient guy and answered all her questions, I was relieved to get the Eff outta there. I was also glad that I didn’t get a ticket for parking in a permit zone. There must be a lesson in there somewhere, and it’s probably to find a new dentist or let my teeth rot. 




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3 responses to “CHATTY CATHY

  1. terra

    I HATE small talk and the dentist seems to be the place where it flourishes and I can’t stand it. Also, why you gotta ask me questions when you’re stuffing things in my mouth? Like, really people? That’s not effective.

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