I guess you should be careful what you wish for, or complain about. I noticed our heat stopped working a few days ago. I tried to play around with the thermostat and boiler switch but nothing worked. I had to call my Landlord (dad) to see if he could fix the problem, I told him not to rush as it’s supposed to be 70 out anyway. He stopped by while I was at work, when I opened my front door a gust of hot air slapped me in the face. He turned the thermostat to 50, but the heat didn’t shut off! I fiddled with it for 5 minutes and couldn’t get to turn off. I had to shut the emergency switch on my boiler.

My poor pup must have been hot in my 90 degree apartment all afternoon! He seemed okay though when I got in, my poor baby! The plumber came by about an hour after I called and he didn’t have the part on him to fix it that night, but at this point I was content with not having heat until next October! I really hope when I get home tonight, my apartment can be a normal temperature. As much as I wanted the warmer temps, I’ll pass on a boiling apartment!

I have Marathon Monday off, so I’m hoping the weather will be warm (BUT NOT TOO WARM!) so we can enjoy our walk down and beers along the marathon route. I hope I see a lot of runners with crazy hats because that was what I enjoyed most watching the marathon as a kid.


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