1. Seeing a large penis cloud on the way to the airport is a good omen.

    Penis Cloud

    Penis Cloud

  2. Start things off right, by meeting up Karlyn, Kate, Laura, Megan. Also, freak out because you have no idea where Caitlin wound up!
  3. The #BiSC gift bags are AMAZING!
  4. Sequin fedora must be purchased!

    Gift bags and gold sequin fedora

    Gift bags and gold sequin fedora

  5. Instagram everything! I’m sure people really want to see your Vegas neck pillow for the plane.
  6. Don’t get nervous because you’re basically jumping into a mosh pit of people exactly like YOU. They are awesome, incredible, and totally supportive! I love them all and wish we got more time together.
  7. Enjoy a burger with Nico, Karlyn, Edwin, and Amanda. Decide to make your own political party called the “granola party” and make up hand gestures for words like “stands”.
  8. I still have dreams about the frrrozen hot chocolate from Serendipty 3, you gotta try it! I mean, I want to buy a bus ticket to NY now so I can have another one.
  9. Giving someone an 8-second hug is amazing at the welcome mixer, but having a staring contest with 60 people IS THE MOST AWKWARD EXPERIENCE! Especially when you feel the dry desert air drying out your contact lenses and rendering yourself temporarily blind.
  10. Decide to move to Canada, they have plastic money that smells like maple!
    Canada moneyz

    Canada moneyz


    Canadian-American relations

  11. Bloggers are AMAZING dancers!
  12. Simone can ride the heck out of a mechanical bull.
  13. If you run into a hick at a western themed bar, just give him a high-five. If you don’t he will get belligerently angry and flip you off while you try not to laugh at how ridiculous he looks.
  14. You can stay up for 26 hours and not ever realize it until you do the math the following morning.
  15. Kelly is the worst (best) influence and an awesome roomie!<3 Kelly
  16. I can totally spend the entire day at the pool and not get burned or pass out.
  17. Rodrigo makes good pool-side drink concoctions at the Flamingo.

    Flamingo poolside

    Flamingo poolside

  18. Meet up with your R2D2 twin and geek out by showing her your R2D2 mantle collection and Halloween pictures.
  19. It was worth almost losing my voice by the pool stage to cheer Jen and Mikael on during the booty-shaking contest. In my mind, they are WINNERS!
  20. Buffets are the only way to go in Vegas. Thanks Flamingo, Paris, and Planet Hollywood!
  21. On that note, eating cupcakes and meat is totally acceptable on the same plate, just ask Almie.
  22. O by Cirque du Soleil is amazing, but don’t go if you’re tired. The music is so relaxing, you may nod off by mistake.
  23. Go to old Vegas, it’s awesome. While there, you have to buy these pants and wear them to buffets. Maybe become a Mexican wrestler?

    Thanks for the pic, Karlyn!

    Thanks for the pic, Karlyn!

  24. Neon Museum is the coolest thing, just be sure to bring sunblock or you’ll feel your skin sizzle.

    Neon boneyard

    Neon boneyard

  25. When you accidentally break your tiny top hat for the wicked white party, hunt down a cocktail waitress for light up devil horns.
  26. Dance and party your face off on the roof of Pure Night Club, with all these awesome peeps.
  27. Enjoy a Johnny Rockets burger wayyy past your bedtime after you slip your #VEGASPANTS back on with flipflops.

    Devil horns, fancy white dress, and #VEGASPANTS

    Devil horns, fancy white dress, and #VEGASPANTS. Thanks for the pic, Almie.

  28. Get 3 hours of sleep and not feel tired on your way to the airport.
  29. Just barely make your flight since the airport experiences “technical difficulties” with the gate tram. You are forced to wait in the security line for an hour and a half, and HAVE ALL THE ANXIETY YOU FORGOT TO HAVE THE WHOLE WEEKEND AT THAT EXACT MOMENT.
  30. Enjoy a big Mac because you made it to Dallas, but still have no idea who shot JR.
  31. Word of warning, don’t rent The Change-Up (Unrated) and watch it on your iPad in an aisle seat. IT’S BASICALLY A PORN! I waited an hour in to finally conclude it’s not airplane-safe.
  32. Make it home, and your jerk dog has no idea that you left!
  33. Decide that you must see all these people again, somehow some way. Try not to cry because it’s the last #BiSC ever…and FAIL.
  34. Also decide you have a lot things left on your Vegas bucket list to cross the city off for good. Your BFF has already packed her bags for your tentative Vegas 30th birthday bash in 2014!!! šŸ™‚


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  1. I’m so glad you were at the airport waiting for me šŸ™‚ Even if it was by accident. The devil horns were amaze-balls.

  2. As a founding member of the Granola Party, you have to remind me that the next time I see you that I should be furnishing a tiny hat box. šŸ˜‰


    I’m so glad I got to spend more time with you. Even if we were sleeping during part of it. I suppose I could have stayed up and watch you sleep in order to spend more quality time with you, but that would have been creepy as hell and also I was really tired.

  4. I love your Vegas pants so hard. See also: everything else here. You’re lovely and I miss your face!

    • Aww, I miss your face too Valerie! So happy I got to meet you, but sad that I dunno when I’ll see again. Ur in the DC area, right? It’s an Amtrak-able visit!!!

  5. Karlyn

    “Stands” ::moves hands diagonally from front to back ending by the ears. And also Nico I totally need to see this hand movement in your vlogs lol. You captured so many awesome moments and I am so happy I was there for many of them!! Peace love and #VEGASPANTS

  6. Ha ha ha! Thanks for the shout-out šŸ™‚ Your pants were AMAZING! I hope we can cross paths again and keep growing this BiSC-uit connection. WOOP!!!

  7. sarcasticallybitter

    I hate our new money. Love Johnny Rockets. And Serendipity frozen hot chocolates are the best thing EVER!!! Let me know when you go to Vegas in 2014. It’s a short plane ride away for me! We have to meet up friend.

  8. omg i’ve always wanted to go to the neon museum! šŸ™‚ love the recap. i lived vicariously through everyone’s tweets, photos, and now recaps!

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  10. So glad that BiSC brought you in to my life lady, and I’m sure I’ll see you again. Blogger reunions FTW!

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