F you, traffic! I’ve got points on the board now!

In the battle against traffic, sometimes you can actually win. This will probably never happen again, so I wanted this moment forever frozen on the interwebs. Yesterday I was having a really annoying day. Those times when work seems to pile up like a never-ending pasta bowl at Olive Garden. I left a few minutes early because I was going to have to do some work from home last night, and of course hit some crazy-ass traffic jam. I whipped out my phone and saw the highway was in the red for days. So I yelled “F this shit, I will not be a victim!” to myself. Not sure where I was going with that, but I got off at the next exit and used the GPS on my phone. I thought it was going to take me through the bad parts of Boston, so I warned Andy if I didn’t make it home it was because I got car-jacked. 

Since it was broad day-light, and I didn’t really know where the hell Google was taking me, I actually didn’t end up in a bad area. Even with taking the road less traveled, I only ended up getting home about 10 minutes later than normal. Not too shabby considering my GPS was taking me on Adventure Time through random cities. When I got home, I felt a little lighter. Hell, maybe even a little bit cocky. For once, I didn’t lay a helpless victim to unnecessary traffic that rules the road. I slapped that traffic silly! Normally I don’t encounter much traffic getting home since I go against the grain, so I don’t know why I got so upset over it. No matter, I didn’t admit defeat and for once it actually worked out. I was certain if I allowed GPS to take me home, I was going to end up in Saskatchewan. Better to end up in Canada than not moving on 95, right?


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