My friend and I created a team for the Color Run awhile back and race day is vastly approaching. I’ve been really bad about training because I concluded I HATE RUNNING. I’ve pretty much been indifferent towards running and tried to get into it around spring time. After a few months, I got bored and decided to take a break. During this time, my friend and I discovered the Color Run was coming to our area. We quickly created a team named after our favorite Canadian youth TV show, Ready or Not? and got some other friends to join. I thought since the race was months away, I would have plenty of time to train (ie force myself to like running). Guess what? Training has made me not like running at all. There are so many other things I’d rather do at the gym than run. So I’ve been pretty bad about training and at this point, I’m probably going to do a run/walk combination. Thankfully the Color Run is non-competitive so it’s totally cool to walk or run. Hell, might even be acceptable to pogo-stick!

In other news, how many of these get-pelted-with-neon-pigment-while-fake-running races are there?! Sweet Jebus, just this weekend alone I heard of an “Electric Run”. No fewer than seven Facebook friends were participating in it over the weekend. These are seven different people that don’t even know each other, all running around with light-up glasses. Today, I heard of another one involving black lights and black light reactive paints. Oh yea, let’s not even get into how many variations there are of the Color Run alone. This is getting really ridiculous at this point. There should only be like 1-2 paint runs, it’s just too much! Okay, I will admit some of these other runs do sound fun, like Kelly’s ugly sweater race. My issue with that is it’s too cold out by the time it rolls out in my area. What’s worse than forcing yourself to run, is running in extreme temperatures, so I might have to pass on the ugly sweaters. Unless I find a really awesome Cosby sweater clone…



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3 responses to ““I CHOOSE NOT TO RUN”

  1. sarcasticallybitter

    Running is awful but Ready or Not is AWESOME!

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