Don’t let his cute face fool you. My dog is thief! When we let him in from the backyard, he uses the time we use to close and lock the doors, as an escape to the bedrooms. He casually wanders in to find things to steal. He is not allowed in the bedrooms because he likes to jump on the beds, and it’s a huge game to get him down. Now he is not allowed because he finds things to steal. He somehow managed to discover a stress ball from under my bed that I lost 3 months ago. He also skipped over the basketball in Andy’s office and to find a golf ball buried under clothes. On countless occasions, he has tried to take my ball shaped lip balm and egg-shaped BeautyBlender. Whenever we take him to the daycare/groomer place, we hold him by the collar. Otherwise, he’ll shoplift doggie treats…again. Oh yeah, I have to keep him away from my lawn flamingos. Fortunately, Pinky Brewster pulled through from her dog bite injuries. 

Fun fact, the flamingo picture somehow managed to get 63 likes on Instagram!

Fun fact, the flamingo abuse picture somehow managed to get 63 likes on Instagram!

 My co-worker asked me to switch work from home days, so this was my view from the office. Apparently it snowed this morning? I never even looked outside. I ran into my new upstairs neighbor while doing laundry on my lunch break. I’ve only met her a few times, but I’ve managed to be in PJ’s during all these occasions. She must think I live my life in PJ’s…if only!


I’m pretty sure my heart is also leopard print. I’m totally buying a few more pairs of these fuzzy pants. 

I hunted down the mailman for my November Birchbox. Zorro was very excited because he assumes everything is for him. I think we may spoil him too much, or we rescued a dog with a Napoleon complex. I’ll go with the Napoleon Dynamite complex. Looks like I got some chocolate, hand cream, nail polish, and face wash (it got cut out). I can’t wait to try the hand cream. I’m addicted to hand creams since I get really gross hangnails around my thumbs. Yuck! NOW I’LL NEVER BE A TEEN HAND MODEL! 😦



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