WEEKEND ADVENTURES: #FogoDeChao #Superlux #MoarSteak!

Andy and I had a fun weekend. We decided to try the SuperLux theater near us to see Thor. Normally we’d go to the regular Cinema DeLux, but decided to try the new theater that is closer. There isn’t a huge difference between DeLux and SuperLux, but I liked SuperLux more. It’s a more pricey, but the seats fully recline and you get unlimited free popcorn. Both have a full meal menu and ALCOHOL! The SuperLux also had lux seating for the entire theater, instead of separated Lux and regular seating like DeLux theaters. The SuperLux theater also has a LuxLite section, near the screen. For LuxLite, I think the menu is slightly different, the seats don’t fully recline, and the tickets are a little less. I was very impressed with this place, but don’t recommend going for a late show like we did. At one point Andy was so comfortable he fell asleep. I was okay until the last 30 minutes, I could feel my eyelids getting heavy. I fought off the tired though and Andy woke up to see the rest of the movie. I (of course) took pictures of the place. 


Shameless new outfit selfie. The boots aren’t new, but are just awesome!


While we were waiting, I took pictures around the outside and lobby. What is not pictured, is the full bar in the lobby,


The menu is on an iPad, the seats fully recline, beer is served, and UNLIMITED FREE POPCORN! WIN!!! NOTE: I didn’t take pictures during the movie, I’m not that obnoxious. 😉


Of course, I shared my excitement of the unlimited free popcorn on the internetz. The theater was nice enough to Tweet me. I guess they liked my boots too!

Andy and I also went shopping and I had to do some returns. I didn’t find what I wanted at the mall and had to order a few things online from a few stores. I hate having to do that because I’m sure my mailman and local UPS guy think I have a shopping problem. I mean, I do, but that is beside the point!

Anyway, our anniversary is actually a few days away, but we were both too excited for delicious food to wait. We ended up at Fogo de Chao and walked around after our meal. The thing that stinks, the area has some broken brick sidewalks which are hard to navigate in stiletto booties. But I didn’t kill myself. So..WIN. If you’ve never been to a Brazilian style steak house, you basically start at an unlimited salad bar. You can order drinks and dessert from the waitstaff. They will start you with some included appetizers. We got fried polenta, caramelized bananas, Pão De Queijo (warm Cheese Bread), and mashed potatoes. My favorite is the caramelized bananas. After that, various waitstaff walk around with large cuts of various of sizzling steaks, chicken, and pork. You flip the cards on your table to green when you want more meat, or switch to red when you want to savor your food. My favorite is the bacon-wrapped filet mignon. I personally like my meat on the medium-rare side, so they will accommodate how you like your meat cooked. I tried several different kinds of steaks and it’s amazing! 


I wore some fake lashes, leopard print stiletto booties, pattern tights, black dress with leopard belt (of course), new earrings from my cousin in Italy, bauble necklace, and my beloved metallic Michael Kors bag.


Meal aftermath and dessert


Couples shot, we asked the bartender to take our picture.


Shoes, fog, and wet city-scape.




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4 responses to “WEEKEND ADVENTURES: #FogoDeChao #Superlux #MoarSteak!

  1. sarcasticallybitter

    Love the boots in the first picture! You look gorgeous in the pic of you and Andy! Love the dress. That movie theatre looks amazing. I would die of happiness if I could have unlimited popcorn!

  2. Happy anniversary! Love both outfits!

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