I guess I never got around to posting about the Color Run I did last month. I went in with high expectations for fun, and low expectations for running. Our team name was Ready or Not? and I was definitely part of the “or not” crowd. First off, I didn’t think about the fact the race was a Sunday morning. Meaning that I would have to go to bed early on Saturday night. This didn’t happen, I stayed out for a Halloween party and my head didn’t hit the pillow until 2AM. My alarm went off at 6AM, so I could drive over to my friends house so the team could car-pool to Providence. To top it off, I went through the trouble of packing a change of clothes, but I was so sleep-deprived that I left my supplies at home! Wet naps would have been very handy, just sayin’!

 After forcing myself to train and thus forcing myself to hate running, I think we did pretty well! I mean we tried to stick together and one of the girls on our team wanted to walk most of the way. I was totally fine with this. I felt bad for her though, she was the one that kept getting pelted with chalk dust at each of the color stations. We took before and after pictures. I gotta say, I didn’t really get hit that badly with pigment. I thought I was going to get drenched with it. But it did get stuck to my hands, shirt, shoes…and nose! So I was mindful of shaking myself out before getting back in the car. 

ColorRun IMG_20131020_104033As fun as it was,  not sure I would sign-up again. But hey, at least I tried it. We treated ourselves to some shopping at Providence Place and Panera sandwiches. All-in-all a good day!


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