I came home from work earlier this week to discover a dead mouse in the area where our dog stays. It wasn’t ripped up or anything, just dead in the middle of the room. I turned on the light, hoping that it was just a toy I didn’t know he had. Nope, it was a dead mouse. Who knows, maybe he thought it was a toy. But anyway, when I was motioning to let him out, he attempted to lunge at the dead critter to proudly show me his work, like he’s a freaking Calico or something. I yelled “NOOOO!!!!” to the point where my neighbors probably thought I was being hobo-shanked in the middle of my apartment. Zorro got the message and backed away from his dead friend. I let him out and had the untidy task of grabbing 2 plastic shopping bags to dispose of the creature. 

I was trying to figure out if the mouse came into my apartment, or if my dog sneaked it in from outside in the morning. I grabbed my invisible monocle and pipe, and inspected the room and the kitchen. I didn’t notice any mouse poo or outside food boxes with holes. My dog also didn’t tear the room apart, as if he were chasing it around. Plus, it would be really stupid of the mouse to sneak into a room where a 70lbs dog resides. Just sayin’

So, I think he shoved it into his mouth and sneaked it in. I have to give him credit, he is not a sneaky dog. We can usually tell when he tries to bring in a new pet rock from the yard. This is also the second time he’s killed a mouse outside. The first time Andy caught him. He must have not been paying attention this time, and quickly let him in before leaving. I will say that I’m glad he didn’t rip up the mouse, he kept it intact. To which I’m grateful, I would have been really mad to clean up miscellaneous mouse parts. 

RIP. Mickey, we didn’t know you but apparently Zorro liked you that one time. 


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