Erin had a doctor appointment in my area so we decided to hang out and also have dinner. I’ve been meaning to try Bonchon after Ginny told me they have good fried chicken and sushi. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with the combination! Erin thought it was nuts to get fried chicken and sushi, but they were both really good! I accidentally ordered the hot flavored chicken. I like spicy/hot things, but it wasn’t a good idea tonight. I was rocking a new white sweater from Express and was so paranoid I was going to get Tabasco or soy sauce on it, I didn’t finish the chicken. But I did take it home! I’ll have to try it for lunch on Sunday with some white rice. After all, I need to save my appetite for Friendsgiving tomorrow night. I liked the sushi, it was definitely the best I’ve had in my area. My only complaint was my Caterpillar Roll didn’t have a lot of fish in it, but the Boston Roll did. Both were still really tasty!


Waiting for Erin, cool lamp I saw in a shop window, and my studded shoulders.


Yummy appetizer, Boston Roll, Caterpillar roll, fried chicken, and the menu


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